How to Comfort the Baby Monkey in Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey

At the beginning of Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey, you start as a Baby Monkey who is in search of a safe place for hiding and is clearly in distress. Here you use your intelligence to find your safe spot and then make it appear on your HUD.

Once you reach the spot, the control will shift from you to an adult. Your job as an adult is to find the baby and here we will show you how to comfort the baby monkey in Ancestors the Humankind Odyssey once you find it.

How to Comfort the Baby Monkey in Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey

A thing to note, you can also choose to use your intelligence to locate the diamond box and follow it to reach your clan. This will make you continue the whole journey as the Baby Monkey so this is not really a good idea as staying alive as a baby is difficult and it will take a long time for the baby monkey to grow up.

Once you become an adult, you have to search for the infant’s location. You have to focus on the shrieking sound coming from the surrounding.

Press X which is going to pull up your sense and then press B so you can hear the noise.

You have to focus on the yellow rings around you which probably show the shrieks from the infant.

Keep listening to the sound until you identify the sound of the hiding infant and memorize its location.

When you reach the hiding spot of the monkey infant, you have to comfort him. A soothing prompt is going to appear on the screen and you have to press B in order to soothe the infant.

A comfort bar is going to appear on the screen which has to be filled so the monkey infant can come up to you.

If you keep pressing B then the comfort bar will start to go down, so do not do that. This is where you have to understand the rhythm and sound mechanics.

When the option to ‘soothe’ prompts, press it and then wait for any response from the infant. After you get the response, wait for a moment and repeat the soothing action.

You impede in the conversation of the adult and the baby monkey if you keep pressing the soothe prompt again and again.

You have to wait for a beat in order to let them talk and then soothe the baby again. Once the comfort bar is full, the baby is going to be soothed fully and will come out to you