How to Change Psn Id Name on PS4?

Users of the PlayStation Network have been long asking for a change that’ll allow them to choose a different username ID. Well, that good news is finally here as the PlayStation staff has finally taken note and introduced the feature. Follow the instructions below to switch to a cooler PSN ID of your choosing.

PSN ID Change – How to

Earlier, the subsequent changes of a PSN ID would cost $4.99 but fans have been wanting a second chance.

Before you proceed with the change, it’s important to know that this switch may cause some issues with the older games. These problems can range from loss of saved data to even that of in-game currency, DLC expansions licenses, and more.

Although the games of a recent couple of years won’t be affected by the ID change, those back on the old PS4, especially the launch titles may suffer some issues. Thankfully, Sony’s been working on it and will introduce fixes in their next patch.

You can change your PSN ID either directly through the console or via the desktop site. For the former, log into your account first, then proceed to the Settings menu, and then select the Account Management option.

Under this tab, head to Account Information and then to Profile.

Here you’ll see the option to change your PSN ID while also keeping the old one next to it for a month just to avert any confusion among your friends on PSN.

As far as the web browser version of the PSN is concerned, log into our account and head to the Profile Options where you can create a new PSN ID that you’ll be using indefinitely over your old one.

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