How to Change Your IP Address on Windows 10 – Static and Dynamic IP

Want to learn how to change your IP address on Windows 10 whether you are using a Static IP or a Dynamic IP with our easy-to-follow guide.

Either you want to browse anonymously or you want to bypass free user download limit/country quota on file hosting sites, you will need to change/hide your IP address. In this guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about changing your IP address on Windows 10.

Change IP Address (Windows 10)

When you are on the iNet, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) assigns you with a unique IP address. This works the same way as your computer. It represents where you currently are, therefore, that information can be sent to you.

However, in certain cases, you are able to alter your IP Address and this guide shows you exactly how to do that.

Finding IP Address
First, you have to find out what your IP address is. For that, you have to go to Control Panel, click on “Network and Internet”, and then “Network and Sharing Center”.

After that, click “Change Adapter Settings” on the left. Select the device you are connected to, double-click on it, and then click “Details” to see your IP address.

Changing IP Address
In order to change your IP address, first, you must know whether you have a Static IP or a Dynamic IP. If you don’t know which one it is then it’s probably Dynamic IP.

Dynamic IP can be changed simply by restarting your modem and router. Just turn off your modem and router for 20 mins then reboot them. Check if your IP has changed or not.

If the IP still has not changed, then switch the devices off for a longer period before restarting them, preferably overnight.

If the IP still has not reset, chances are that you have Static IP. To change the Static IP, you must contact your ISP; they will assist you in either converting your IP from static to dynamic or just changing your static IP.

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