No Playable Demo For Horizon Zero Dawn, Hard Mode Confirmed

Horizon Zero Dawn will launch later this month and gamers are excited about the game. Now developer Guerrilla Games has revealed some new details about the upcoming game and also confirmed that there will be no demo for the game.

In a recent Twitch live stream, Guerilla Games’ Community Manager, Jeroen Roding, and Community Editor, Victor Zuylen, revealed some details about the hard difficulty mode for Horizon Zero Dawn.

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According to devs, there will be less healing herbs and ridge-wood to harvest on the hard mode in Horizon Zero Dawn and enemies will deal much more damage. The devs nooted that players will have to be careful and manage their skills mindfully in this mode.

They also confirmed that no playable demo for Horizon Zero Dawn will be released, however, they said that there will be events ahead of game’s launch were gamers can get hands-on with the game.

Guerrilla Games is known for developing the FPS franchise, Killzone, and this is the first time the developer has developed an RPG. According to Mathis de Jonge, the director on the game, Horizon Zero Dawn will not have deep RPG mechanics, as the developers did want to make the game open world but did not intend to develop an RPG from the start but it happened organically during the course of the development.


We’ve been working at this concept from a development point of view- what works well for this game? What works for this concept? And then we’ve added these features. We haven’t said from the start that this will be an RPG, and it needs to have these features- it never happened like that. It was always decided that we would move from the conceptual point of view, an [go by] what works best for the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn has already gone gold and is scheduled to launch on February 28, 2017, exclusive for PlayStation 4.

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