Report: Horizon Zero Dawn Is In Beta, Knack 2 Will Focus On Gameplay More

Gamers are quite excited for the upcoming action game, Horizon Zero dawn, and Guerrilla Games is working hard to deliver the best game possible. Delays have become quite a normal thing in the game industry and fans are worried that the Horizon Zero Dawn might also get delayed.

However, well-known industry insider shinobi602 has returned to provide us with more information on the upcoming game. Shinobi602 recently assured fans worried about the game being delayed and posted on NeoGaf that “Wouldn’t worry, they hit beta a few weeks back. It good baby” which means developers are on track for the game.

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He also revealed some information about Knack 2 that was revealed during PlayStation Experience. When asked if the developer would push for the cinematic presentation like the first game did, to this he responded that the developers have learned from their mistakes and will focus on Gameplay.

They learned a LOT of lessons from The Order. Expect more focus on gameplay systems and mechanics.

Recently, Guerrilla Games’ David Ford revealed that everything that has been shown until now is just a small part of the game, so players can expect a huge world with a long lasting story.

He further added that Horizon Zero Dawn will have a lot of weapons, upgrades, and outfits to use, allowing players to pursue their own style. Which means that customization will be an important part of the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a PlayStation 4 exclusive so obviously, the game will also support PlayStation 4 Pro. Recently, Michiel van der Leeuw, Technical Director at Guerrilla Games explained how the game will be enhanced for PlayStation 4 Pro.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an upcoming action RPG in development at Guerrilla Games and will launch on February 28, 2017, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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