Horizon Forbidden West What Was Lost Walkthrough

"What Was Lost" is one of the last side quests that you will be able to complete during the late...

“What Was Lost” is one of the last side quests that you will be able to complete during the late game in Horizon Forbidden West.

Unlike other side quests in the game, you have the option to pick up What Was Lost after completing the main storyline. This is probably because What Was Lost needs to be completed if you are looking to unlock the platinum trophy.

The following walkthrough will tell you how Aloy must help Kotallo with a personal request as part of the What Was Lost side quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

How To Unlock What Was Lost

The What Was Lost side quest gets unlocked during the ‘Faro’s Tomb’ main quest. You can either choose to complete this quest during the Faro’s Tomb main quest or start it after you are done with the main quest.

If you want to start this quest right away, meet Kotallo during the Faro’s Tomb main quest at the base. If you choose to start this quest after finishing the main quest, go and talk to Kotalla at the Memorial Grove.

Just note that you will have recovered Aether, Poseidon, and Demeter before taking on the Faro’s Tomb quest.

How To Complete What Was Lost

When you start the quest, Kotallo will tell you about GAIA, who has been in contact with him about an arm made by Zenith Technology. After starting the quest, make your way to the meeting place, which is present north of the Bleeding Mark.

At the campfire, call Kotallo and wait for him to arrive. With him, make your way to Ninmah Research Lab. Once at the lab, you will need to clear three enemies, which will be a Scrapper, a Shell Walker and a Redeye Watcher. You can kill them or sneak by them.

Once that is done, head down the tunnel in the lab and take the first right. Then take the left to reach a door. Again, go down and deal with the scrappers until you reach Door 16. From there, head down through the corridor and take the stairs to the right to reach Door S6. Take this door to reach Door 96, which will lead to the Storage room.

When in the Storage Room, look for an access point to the database. Once you download the data from the database, two Specter enemies will spawn. Specters are combat machine enemies which have multiple different attacks up their sleeves. We have listed their attacks below.

  • Pulse Cannon: A detachable cannon which is capable of dealing ranged attacks.
  • Shock Unit: A part of its body which gets destroyed when attacked, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
  • Nano Plates: Armor plates capable of performing and blocking various attacks.
  • Regeneration Unit: The part of Specter’s body which is able to regenerate the Nano Plates all over the body.

Specters are highly vulnerable to Plasma and Acid damage, so make sure to use weapons and attacks which do Acid and Plasma damage.

Once you defeat the Specters, leave the storage room and take the ramp on the right. Then drop down to reach Door B67/B27. Head out through them and then go left using Door S5 to reach a ramp. Again, go right when on the next floor.

Keep navigating through the doors until you reach Doors 20/42/40. Head right to reach a vent that can be opened using your Pullcaster. Head through the vent and down right and through the hole in the wall to reach an office.

In the office, there will be another vent you will need to open using the Pullcaster. Then head through the tunnel and take 2 lefts and then a right to drop down into the Supply room. Inside this room will be the components Kotallo needs.

Pick up the components and then retrace your steps back to the office to give the components to Kotallo. He will thank Aloy and return to the base. To continue the quest, head to the base and talk to Kotallo again.

Depending upon your progress in the main story, he will give you a different answer. If he says that the arm is almost ready, complete the Faro’s tomb main quest. If he says that the arm is ready, go ahead with it.

To test the Arm, head to the meeting place near the Bulwark and then call Kotallo using your focus. Once Kotallo arrives, talk to him and then follow him to a new location. You will now need to defeat the Scorcher enemy.

Once it is defeated, a cutscene will play and after it, the side quest will end.

What Was Lost Side Quest Rewards

As a result of completing this side quest, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 9750 XP
  • 1x Shellsnapper Circulator
  • 2x Behemoth Force Loader
  • 3x Skill Points
  • 2x Ancient Sculpture

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