Horizon Forbidden West Thirst For The Hunt Walkthrough

"Thirst for the Hunt" is the first of a three-part side quest that tasks Aloy to solve the water issues...

“Thirst for the Hunt” is the first of a three-part side quest that tasks Aloy to solve the water issues of the Desert clan in Horizon Forbidden West.

In the first side quest, Aloy must collect machine hearts that were left behind after a failed hunt. The recovery pits Aloy against Burrowers and Thunderjaw as well as other challenges.

The following walkthrough will detail all that you need to know to complete Thirst for the Hunt in Horizon Forbidden West.

How To Unlock Thirst For The Hunt

The Thirst for the Hunt side quest will be unlocked right after you’ve completed the Eye of the Earth main quest.

As you start the main quest, you’ll come across Drakka in Arrowhand. Talk to her and start the Thirst for the Hunt side quest.

However, do keep in mind that to take part in this side quest, you must be at level 17 or above since the enemies you’ll face will be of high stats. Therefore, it’s best to raise your level before.

How To Complete Thirst For The Hunt

Thirst of the Hunt is a lengthy side quest. You must complete all given objectives to fully conclude this side quest. Below we’ve given all the objectives you must complete to end this quest.

Follow Drakka

As you start the Thirst for the Hunt side quest, your first side objective will be to follow Drakka. Drakka will help you exit Arrowhand and lead you toward the main mission. As you’re on your way, he’ll inform you about his conflict against current Commander, Yarra.

Upon reaching the output, you can refill your weapons and collect other useful items before you start the journey into the depths of the canyon till you come across the pens where machine components are being harvested. However, to enter the area, you must climb up the barricades.

Fight the Machines

As you jump over the barricades, you’ll enter the harvesting area where you’ll face a Fire Fangorn and a Ravager. You must target the Fire Fangorns canisters with your arrows to make them explode. As for the Ravager, aim at its Shock canister with Shock arrows.

Upon defeating the machines, collect the 2x Ravager Hearts and 2x Fangorn Hearts and take them to Drakka to end the objective.

Visit the Thunderjaw Site

After collecting the Hearts, bring them to Drakka who is found beside the dead soldiers. Follow him to the Thunderjaw Site where you’ll find more lost people to collect their bags.

Once you’ve reached the location, Drakka starts gathering up all the bags before a survivor appears from behind the rocks to inform you about the underground machines seconds before the Burrowers appear.

Defeat Burrowers and Thunderjaw

Burrowers is a recon machine that scans for any sort of threat in different areas. They mainly attack their targets using sonic attacks that stun for a brief period of time.

You must help Drakka defeat the machine. As you defeat Burrowers with Critical Strikes, you’ll encounter Thunderjaw, so get ready for another face-off.

Unfortunately, Thunderjaw is a lethal combat machine that will destroy anything that crosses paths with it, especially considering how it possesses numerous components and weapons to damage you. The most known of which are its:

  • Rapidfire Cannon: Found near the mouth, you can shoot it to deactivate this attack.
  • Radar: Found on its back, used to reveal the target’s position. You have to disconnect it to disable its signals.
  • Antenna: These components don’t have any effect on you since its only used for reinforcement.
  • Heart: Probably the most vulnerable part of its body situated at the center. Attack it to nearly kill the machine.
  • Chillwater Canister: Found at the sides, use frost damage to burst the canister to deal damage.
  • Disc Launcher: A disc attack where the machine launches several discs at you that explode on contact. Detach them as soon as possible.
  • Glowblast Canister: Found on its back, which can be destroyed using Plasma Damage.
  • Ammo Drum: Detachable drums found on its back.
  • Sparker: Found on its back, use Shock Damage to blow them up.
  • Tail: A tail attack performed by Thunderjaw which can be delayed if you’re too close to it.

The most promising way to defeat Thunderjaw is to attack its canisters. Since you need more firepower to kill this machine, don’t shy away from taking Drakka’s help when it comes to ammo refills.

Once you’ve defeated Thunderjaw, collect the heart and talk to Drakka and return the hearts back to Arrowhead and hand over the hearts to Jetakka to end the Thirst for the Hunt Side Quest.

Thirst For The Hunt Rewards

Completing the Thirst for the Hunt Side Quest will grant you 6521 XP, 2 Skill Points, and a Tenakth Vanquisher.

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