Horizon Forbidden West Signal Lens Locations Guide

Signal Lenses are another type of collectible in Horizon Forbidden West. Unlike the other collectibles though, you do not need...

Signal Lenses are another type of collectible in Horizon Forbidden West. Unlike the other collectibles though, you do not need to scour the entire map.

All of the Single Lenses are available in the opening area of the game. You will, however, still need to do a lot of climbing as each Signal Lens is located at the very top of a Signal Tower.

The following guide will show you where every Signal Tower is located in Horizon Forbidden West.

Where To Find All Signal Towers And Signal Lenses In HFW

There are a total of six Signal Towers in The Daunt and hence, six Signal Lenses to recover. You can speak with Raynah north of Barren Light to start the “Signals of the Sun” side quest in the game. That will begin your objective to track down all of the Signal Lenses and bring them back to Raynah.

Climbing these Signal Towers will be easier said than done. You can put in an effort early on by using your Focus to highlight all of the grappling points.

You can also make it easier by waiting until Aloy unlocks the Sunwing mount that gives you the ability to fly. You can hence just fly over to the top of the Signal Towers instead of climbing all the way up.

Signal Lens of Dawn Location

The Signal Tower that houses the Lens of Dawn can be found in the northeast corner of The Daunt region. Chances are that you already saw the tower when you were completing the Deep Trouble side quest since the old mine is near to the Lense of Dawn Tower.

When you reach the top, press the Triangle button on your controller to recover the lens from the dish.

Signal Lens of Morning Location

The second Signal Tower is located to the north of Chainscrape in the Daunt. Scale the cliff to come across an old broken-down structure. Keep climbing by using your Pullcaster to grab onto the grapple points. Remember to use your Focus in case you cannot find the grappling points.

When you reach the top of the tower, hit the Triangle button like before to recover the Lense of Morning.

Signal Lens of Midday Location

The Signal Tower with the Lens of Midday is located on the eastern side of Chainscrape, near the bridge that connects a settlement.

You will need to search a bit to find a ladder on the side of the tower. Climb that ladder to find grappling points on the wall. Use your Pullcaster like before and make your way to the top to recover the Lens of Midday.

Signal Lens of Afternoon Location

You must now head southwest of Chainscrape for the next Signal Tower. If you have picked up the Twilight Path quest, finding the Lens of Afternoon will be easy because it is right near the quest marker.

Start climbing the tower but when you reach the top, you will find the dish destroyed. Do not climb back down though. You just need to search the heap of rubble on the roof to find the Lens of Afternoon buried underneath.

If you are still unable to find the lens, just activate your Focus mode to reveal the lens under the rubble.

Signal Lens of Twilight Location

The Lens of Twilight is one of the last remaining lenses to find in the game. You will need to head to the mountains east of Barren Light. There, use your Pullcaster to climb the tower.

You will eventually find your way blocked. Simply destroy the wall to clear the path and start climbing again. Hit the Triangle button like before to recover the Lens of Twilight when you reach the top.

Signal Lens of Evening Location

The Lens of Evening is on the last Signal Tower you need to climb in Horizon Forbidden West to complete the side quest. This lens though will require you to first head to Barren Light to speak with a Carja guard found in the northeastern section.

The guard will inform Aloy that a woman needs rescuing after falling from a nearby cliff. This will activate a new quest that will lead you to the woman in question. Speak with her and she will ask you to recover the Lens of Evening from the Signal Tower nearby.

Climb the tower just like you have done before. There will be a couple of walls that need to be destroyed to clear the path.

Signal Lens Rewards

Once you have the final Signal Lens, head back to Raynah in Barren Light.

Giving all six Signal Lenses to Raynah will reward you with 90x Metal Shard, 1x Bronze Ingot, and 2x Greenshine Silver. You will also unlock the Dune Shadow Dye to customize your outfits.

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