Horizon Forbidden West Need To Know Side Quest Guide

This guide walks you through the ‘Need to Know’ Side Quest in Horizon Forbidden West to help out Talanah with her search.

You can play and complete dozens of side quests in Horizon Forbidden West to get extra loot and more content after completing the story campaign. This guide walks you through the ‘Need to Know’ Side Quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

Where to Find Talanah in Horizon Forbidden West

To unlock the side quest, you need to complete The Broken Sky story mission and Burning Blooms side quest. Once you have the quest unlocked, meet with Talanah in No Man’s Land to start the side quest.

You will meet Talanah in the east at some part of the campaign, where she will help you with a task. Now, she is facing a problem in the west and needs your hand in taking care of it.

Where to Find Talanah in Horizon Forbidden West

Talanah is found at the Oseram Camp in No Man’s Land. Find her at the camp and talk to her to know about the situation happening further west. She will tell you to meet her at North of Thornmarsh to continue the side quest.

Horizon Forbidden West Need to Know Side Quest

Head to the next marker on the map to meet with Talanah to continue the Need to Know side quest in HFW. She will tell you all about Amadis and why she is looking for him. Once the cutscene ends, follow Talanah to the next location.

Kill the Fireclaw

When you reach the marked location, you will see that Amadis will be fighting against Fireclaw on his own. Help Amadis in the battle against Fireclaw and talk to Amadis and Talanah when the fight is over.

Follow Amadis

Amadis knows where The Rot is and wants to visit to find someone close to him there. So he will lead the way to The Rot, and you have to follow him there.

Open the Main Gate of The Rot

Once you have reached The Rot prison, Amadis will tell you to sneak into the prison and open the main gate.

The secret entrance to the prison is to the left side of the prison where the water is. Go from there, and you will find a hole in the wall which you can go through.

The prison will be loaded with The Rebels that you can take down yourself or open the main gate and let Amadis and Talanah help you fight them.

Take on The Tideripper

A Tideripper will appear out of the water and attack you when you have taken care of The Rebels. It is the first time you will be facing Tideripper in a quest, and these are hard to fight against.

Tideripper has a disc installed on their back that spews water out of it and throws you back. Take care of the disc first to make the fight much easier. Tideripper has many weak points on its body, which can be exploited using weapons with Frost affinity.

Any weapon that deals with frost damage will do good against the Tideripper. Keep hitting at its weak spots to damage it and take it down eventually. Once it has been taken care of, talk to Talanah to finish the side quest.

You will receive 1x Lightning Hunter Bow, 3x Skill Points, and 20,000 XP for completing the Need to Know side quest in Horizon Forbidden West.