Horizon Forbidden West In The Fog Walkthrough

In The Fog is one of the 29 mid-game side quests in Horizon Forbidden West. This side quest is given...

In The Fog is one of the 29 mid-game side quests in Horizon Forbidden West. This side quest is given to you by Fenirra at Tide’s Reach and is about a young woman Fenirra who asks for Aloy’s help in finding her father – Garrokah in the wilds and bringing him back. Fenirra is worried for her father that he has gone mad after he attacked her without any reason.

This article provides a detailed description of this side quest which includes tips on how to unlock the side quest, how to complete it, and the rewards you will receive upon completion.

How To Unlock In The Fog

Tide’s Reach is only accessible after you have completed the main quest which is The Eye of the Earth. After that, travel to Tide’s Reach and talk to Fenirra to unlock the quest. The recommended level for this side quest is 20.

How To Complete In The Fog

Tide’s reach is a settlement on the west coast where Aloy finds Fenirra badly injured and comes to know that she has been stabbed by her father who Fenirra tried to convince to come home. Fenirra wants to find him and Aloy offers to help her.

Travel southwest to the mountains where you will find a camp with Garrokah’s gear. Pay attention to his path by using Focus and following it. After a while, you will find him fighting with an Acid Clawstrider. Help him take down the machine.

It is a Midweight Combat Machine that has components and weapons like an Acid Bomb Launcher, Resource Cannister, etc. To make your fight easier, first of all, damage its tail. Also, remember to use Plasma ammo and make sure to avoid the Acid Bombs.

Once the battle ends, Aloy will tell Garrokah that his daughter is looking for him and is concerned for her father, so he should return to Fenirra. Garrokah will instead ask for something else in return from Aloy. He will tell Aloy about a squad that is about to be ambushed and they must help them out

Aloy at first is a little doubtful but it seems like this squad had eyes on the enemy’s movements for a long time and now they are in danger. So Aloy decides to follow Garrokah. During their journey, two Stalkers will attack them but defeating the Stalkers is not that much difficult. Once they are down, travel to the place of ambush with Garrokah.

The site of the alleged ambush will, however, leave Aloy (as well as Garokkah) surprised. The only thing at the site will be a decades-old memorial to a group of soldiers. They apparently fell about 30 years back. There is, hence, neither an ambush nor a squad to save.

The sudden realization sends Garokkah into an utter state of confusion that he forgets who Aloy is and what her name is. The only thing Aloy can do is bring him up to speed.

After listening to what has happened so far and what he did to Fenirra, Garokkah admits that he sometimes loses track of time. He becomes a different person and feels like his mind has wandered into a fog. He also admits that he always finds himself at this same site and can’t remember how to get there.

After this conversation, Aloy extends a helping hand and offers to travel with him and take him back to his daughter in Tides’s Reach. But before their departure, it comes to his notice a missing memorial marker. He asks Aloy in helping him recover it. Here you have to use focus to follow the trail which will lead you to a Clamberjaw site.

There you will find Clamberjaws wandering around some heaps of scrap. To examine the piles and find the marker, you have to defeat the Clamberjaws first. Once you are done with them, search all the piles and hand over the marker to Garrokah.

Aloy will come back to Tide’s Reach and sometime later Garrokah comes back to Finerra too. Garrokah asks for forgiveness for what he did to her and Finerra forgives him too and promises that she will take care of him.

In The Fog Side Quest Rewards

As thanks, you will receive 1 Sunhawk Shredder Gauntlet. Furthermore, you will also get 1 Tenakth Dragon, +2 Skill points, and 6250 XP.

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