Horizon Forbidden West Horus Boss Guide

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Horus is Walter Londra’s ultimate weapon, which he uses to make new machines to bring his dream of ...

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Horus is Walter Londra’s ultimate weapon, which he uses to make new machines to bring his dream of eradicating the Earth’s inhabitants to true. You will fight with him during the final and main quest, His Final Act.

The new background environment, weapons, and collectibles; all of these things make the Burning Shores DLC a banger. The endgame boss you will encounter is Walter Londra. But before fighting with you directly, he will encapsulate himself in an enormous machine called Horus.  

In this Horizon Forbidden West Horus guide, we will dive deep into the strategies and tips for helping you face this monstrous machine, Horus, and emerge victorious.

Where to find Horus in Burning Shores

At the start of Burning Shores DLC, Sylens calls the protagonist to meet him at his headquarters, i.e., Tilda’s place. When you visit him at the place, he will guide you so you can encounter Horus.

Head to the Coast Far to the South, where you see an area wrecked by earthquakes and volcanos. When you cross all the paths with many smaller enemies, you will reach the area once known as Los Angeles. Horus will be lying beside the HOLLYWOOD sign on Zenith Mountain.

How to defeat Horus in Horizon Forbidden West

The gigantic size and advanced weaponry make Horus boss in HFW Burning Shores extremely dangerous, and if you do not deal with it carefully, it can wipe you out of existence in just a couple of hits. Following the tips and tricks below can make this deadly fight easy for you.

Hide in bushes in the starting phase

After covering a long journey toward the Zenith and killing robots, the showdown starts from the mountaintop where Londra is camping with his giant Pet (Horus). As soon as you come closer to it and get noticed, it will start searching for you while throwing massive physical attacks. The only chance, for now, is to hide in the bushes and take advantage of the dark to escape the attacks.

Disrupt the cooling system of Horus

Having dealt with the smaller bosses at the Horizon Forbidden West Zenith Base, climb atop the mountain to see several mechanical legs spread around the place covered with green bushes. You will notice a cooling system attached to the machine that is crucial for cooling it down.

As Aloy and Seyka try to move forward to disrupt the cooling mechanism, unlimited amounts of smaller machines pop out of nowhere. After spending a couple of minutes wiping them out, head to the water tunnel, and disrupt the system with the help of Seyka.

This will enrage Horus (Actually Londra) in Horizon Forbidden West as the internal organs of its body start to heat up, and it runs towards the ocean for remedy. It is time to follow your target while riding with your Sunwing partner.

Use your character’s speed wisely

Horus in HFW Burning Shores may be powerful and huge, but it is equally ancient and slow. On the other hand, you are smaller in size as well as faster. This gives you a huge advantage over the beast. While it throws its giant legs and other attacks at you, you must dodge them by continuously moving your feet.

Keep ample healing supplies with you

No matter how fast you get and how smartly you play, it is a fact that Horus will take down a big chunk of your health if you manage to get hit which is inevitable . Getting overconfident and starting the fight will be unwise without healthy meds or curatives.

Some healing items such as Large Health Potion can easily restore a chunk of your decreased health bar. So keep such foods and curing elements with you during this journey.

Hit the Heat Sinks when Horus attacks

As Horizon Forbidden West Horus reaches the sea to cool itself down, follow along and throw your long-range attacks as soon as possible. Look for the Heat Sinks of the monster when it places its leg near you, and shoot an arrow at the glowing tubes.

Keep attacking the same spot until it explodes, infuriating the beast to its fullest. This way, dismantle its legs until the machine lays down due to losing much of its stamina.

Beware of the charged-up Thunder Attack

When Horus gets hurt, and Londra becomes enraged at Aloy, it starts to charge up and then unleash its wrath in the form of a lightning attack that spans the whole area. Take cover as soon as you see it doing so to keep yourself safe.

Climb up Horus to destroy the Heat Sink cover

Near the final stage of the fight, when Horus seems to break down, you need to climb up the machine via its legs. When you reach the top, hit the Heat Sink cover with your weapon, and get back on the ground.

This will destroy the main heat sink’s cover and make it exposed and vulnerable to being heated up by outer attacks. This is your chance to shoot long-range attacks at the heat sinks, which will rain fire upon overheating.

This way, try to disable its legs one by one until the machine loses much of its health and (nearly) lies down on the ground. The time has come to enter the machine to take up the Final Boss Fight with Londra in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC.

Once the last remaining heat sink explodes, Londra will get desperate and unleash all of its attacks at once. Keep your guard up and wait until the central part of the machine gets near you. Make a few hits with bows and spears when you see the Primary Heat Sink.

Finally, when the Heat Sink is destroyed, Horus will be defeated and start moving to the deep waters. Swim, follow it through the water, and find an Entrance to Horus in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC.

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