How To Find Horizon Forbidden West Heaven And Earth Door Code

Figuring out the door code in Heaven and Earth quest of Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC can be tiresome but we are here to help.

One of the quests in Burning Shores DLC of Horizon Forbidden West takes players to a locked door and figuring out how to open this door has many stumped. If you are one of those who are unable to figure out the door code for Heaven and Earth quest in Horizon Forbidden West, let us help you out with the door code solution.

What is the door code in Horizon Forbidden West Heaven and Earth quest?

Getting this code is necessary to progress the game and complete the Heaven and Earth quest in HFW Burning Shores DLC. Finding the code can be troublesome for some players. To get the door code, you need to go to the projection room downstairs and play audio logs. There will be four audio logs; each will give you one digit of the code.

It is not that easy because while your partner is playing the audio logs, you will be scanning the comet while changing the year. You will have to check each year until you (Aloy) comment on them. Commenting on them means that you have got the correct piece of information about the code. You will have to do this four times to get four digits of the code.

You can do all this to figure out the code, or you can skip this time-consuming process and enter 3285 as the code for the Heaven and Earth door.

Each time you figure out the next digit for the door code, you will also learn new details about Walter Londra and how little he cared about humanity. So it is definitely best to go through the process of figuring out the code instead of taking the shortcut and entering the code straight away.

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