Horizon Forbidden West Gauntlet Runs Locations Guide

In Horizon Forbidden West, Gauntlet Runs are sidequests in which Aloy competes in a death race around a track. This...

In Horizon Forbidden West, Gauntlet Runs are sidequests in which Aloy competes in a death race around a track. This race can be very exciting as you can shoot arrows, hit others with spears, and use speed boosts. In this Horizon Forbidden West guide, we will give all the details related to the Gauntlet runs, which will help you complete this side quest with ease.

Horizon Forbidden West Gauntlet Run Locations

There are a total of four Gauntlet Run tracks in HFW. These tracks are in the following locations:

  • Dry Yearn
  • Cliffs of the Cry
  • Bonewhite Tear
  • The Still Stands

Dry Yearn Gauntlet Run

This race track is located in the Dry Yearn. It is a very simple race track in a deserted area. You can easily win this race on the first attempt.

Cliffs of the Cry Gauntlet Run

This race track is located towards the west. This race track is not as simple as the one in Dry Yearn. In this race, the track has very narrow space, so you must be very careful as you might get pushed off from the track.

Bonewhite Tear Gauntlet Run

The third race track for Gauntlet run is located in Bonewhite Tear. It is in the snowy section of the map in the Northwest direction.

Horizon Forbidden West Bonewhite Tear Gauntlet Run Location

The Stillsands Gauntlet Run

The fourth and last race track for Gauntlet run is in the Stillsands. It is near the Hidden Ember. This will be the most challenging race up till now.

Horizon Forbidden West The Stillsands Gauntlet Run Location

How to complete Gauntlet Runs in Horizon Forbidden West

There are a few strategies that you can use to complete Gauntlet Run with ease in HFW. If you follow the strategies we recommend, you’ll face no trouble completing the Gauntlet Run in HFW.

Block Arrows

Arrow attacks from enemies can inflict a lot of damage during the race. So we recommend that you block these arrows. You can easily know if your enemy is using an arrow attack.

Whenever you see a flash from behind, press the square button. This will help not only in blocking the attack but also in maintaining your current speed.

Get a head Start

You can get a head start before the race simply by tapping X a few times before the start of the race. This will help you accelerate better.

Fight till the End

Not giving up is the key to winning Gauntlet Run in Horizon Forbidden West, as these races are very close. Sometimes you get a head start, and sometimes you don’t. If an enemy takes over, don’t be discouraged.

Just hang in there with concentration because the enemy will face the same hurdles during the race at some point. So just keep moving forward and take advantage of the enemy’s errors.

After completing a Gauntlet Run in HFW, you receive the following rewards.

  • Carja’s Bane Legendary Warrior Bow
  • Option to repeat the Gauntlet for more XP
  • One Bronze Trophy( After finishing First in two different Gauntlet Runs)
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