Horizon Forbidden West Apex Stalker Location Guide

The Stalker is one of the most dangerous machines you can encounter in Horizon Forbidden West. The following guide will...

The Stalker is one of the most dangerous machines you can encounter in Horizon Forbidden West. The following guide will mark the location where you can find the Stalker in Horizon Forbidden West and show you how to deal with them.

Where to Find Stalkers

Stalkers can be found hiding in trees while cloaked in the dense jungles of the game. You can reach the forest area after crossing the mountains during The Dying Lands mission.

It can hide in plain sight by becoming invisible for brief periods of time. It also loves to lob explosives and has both melee-ranged and long-ranged attacks alongside fast mobility.

You’ll know you’re on the right track when you come across areas riddled with explosives. Stalkers usually mark their terrain for safety. When you find such areas, rest assured that there’s a Stalker nearby. Their locations are marked below.

How to Defeat Stalkers in Horizon Forbidden West?

With their ranged strikes, they can deal massive quantities of damage from afar. The machine’s cloaking abilities will be disabled if the Stealth Generator is destroyed, making it a less dangerous opponent. The Stalker’s Dart Gun can also be targeted by players to disable its long-range assault capabilities.

You can use a variety of elemental assaults to attack machines. Fire, Shock, Frost, Plasma, Purgewater, and Acid are some of the game’s elemental assaults. Plasma assaults will be ineffective against the Stalker. They are resistant to assaults such as fire, purgewater, and acid.

A Stalker has several different bodily parts, each of which drops different loot and deals varied amounts of damage to the machine when hit. Body, Dart Gun, Stealth Generator, Antenna, and Mine Launcher are the body parts of a Stalker.

Apex Stalker Item Drops

Machines in Horizon Forbidden West drop a variety of goods, with many of them being unique to each type of machine. Some may be taken off a fallen machine, while others must be removed while the machine is still alive; shot off with an arrow or removed with a spear hit.

You can get the following items by simply shooting and killing a Stalkers:

  • Crystal Braiding – 100% chance
  • Metal Shards – 100% chance
  • Braided Wire – 73% chance
  • Sturdy Hardplate – 41% chance
  • Stalker Circulator – 32% chance
  • Machine Muscle – 31% chance
  • Stalker Primary Nerve – 23% chance
  • Small Machine Core – 17% chance
  • Metal Bone – 10% chance

If you shot the various parts of a Stalker, you get additional chances of finding different loot. These include the stealth generators, the antennas, and mine launchers. These upgrades are found on only a few stalkers, so do shoot them to get extra loot.

For shooting the Stealth Generator, you get:

  • Stalker Stealth Generator – 100% chance

For shooting the Antenna, you can get:

  • Braided Wire – 67% chance
  • Sturdy Hardplate – 34% chance
  • Stalker Primary Nerve – 10% chance

For shooting the mine launcher, you get:

  • Stalker Mine Launcher – 100% chance
  • Blastpaste – 84% chance
  • Medium Machine Core – 59% chance
  • Braided Wire – 40% chance
  • Sturdy Hardplate – 19% chance

Other than all these items, you do sometimes get a Stalker Heart, one of the most valuable items in the game. You need to search the body after killing the Stalker to find it and the chances of you finding one are very slim.

The value of the Stalker’s heart comes from the fact that these hearts can be used to upgrade your abilities and weapons in the game.

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