Homefront Troubleshooting and Fixes Guide

Guide to fixes for every issue you come across while playing Homefront story mode or multiplayer is in this troubleshooting guide

After receiving the mixed reviews so far, Homefront is still surviving on the brink of hope that they would be able to sustain a sizable fan base. Mixed reviews make sense given the broken state of the game. But worry not as we have prepared this Homefront troubleshooting and fixes guide to help you fix issues with the game.

If the mixed reviews and slightly outdated graphics compared to its competitors wasn’t enough, the game is plagued by performance issues on PC. If you come across any issue while playing Homefront, you can go through our guide to fix everything.

Homefront Troubleshooting and Fixes

1# Pre-Order Shotgun Unlock Code Not Working
THQ have apologized for the issue and they claim it to fix it as soon as possible and then you can have your 870 Express Shotgun

2# Homefront No Sound – Fix
If you are not hearing any sound or you can only hear the cutscenes, try the following workarounds:

  1. Make sure that you have the latest drivers installed for your sound card.
  2. Remove My Docs\My Games\HOMEFRONT\GCGame\Config\GCEngine.ini in your documents and restart the game.
  3. Go to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\homefront\GCGame\Config” . Edit DefaultEngine.ini with notepad and search MaxChannels. Change the value from 128 to 64.
  4. Reinstalling Directx may fix the problem.
  5. Change audio from Surround (4.1, 5.1..etc) to simple 2.1. To change this head to control panel and then sound and audio settings.
  6. If nothing works then try removing the game completely and then re-download (From Steam) the game for a fresh install.

3# PhsyX Error – Not Installed Properly
If you have PhsyX already installed in your PC, remove it and then reinstall it to solve the problem.

4# Homefront Multiplayer – Dedicated Servers Dead/Not responding
It is most probably due to servers being overloaded. The issue has been taken into account and soon more servers will be available to solve the issue.

5# Default Resolution Won’t Change

  1. Try Changing the aspect ratio of your monitor.If you are using crossfire, disable it and then you will be able to change the resolution.
  2. Or you can change your config file manually to change the resolution. You can find it in My Documents/My Games/homefront folder and then system config file.

6# The Game won’t Load – An unexpected graphics error occurred. The application needs to exit
Find GCEngine.ini file in system settings and change AllowD3D10=True to False. Make sure that CompatLevelGPU is set to 1 not 0.

7# Homefront – Low Performance – FPS Fix
If you are among those facing low performance with the game even when meeting the recommended requirements. You can try following workarounds to boost the performance:

  • Head to C:\Users\admin\Documents\My Games\HOMEFRONT\GCGame\Config\CGEngine. Open the file and find AllowD3D10 command. Change value “True” to “False”.

8# Player keeps on moving
Just disconnect any joysticks attached to the computer to fix the problem.

9# Can’t Join Multiplayer
If you are not able to select any option in multiplayer and your game freezes, your firewall might be blocking the game.

10# “Failed to Run Install Script” Error
If you are facing this error during installation then try re-installing Microsoft visual C++ redistributable 2005. If it does not help then try running a windows update and that should resolve the issue.

11# Homefront Error (55)
If you encounter this error then delete all of your local content and do a fresh install.

12# Homefront Motion Blur Fix
If you are experiencing weird motion blur in the game, turn it off from the options menu.

13# Game Crashes Everything I Join The Server

14# Lockups When Searching For Servers
Wait and it will be resolve as the game tries to download all the servers.

15# Performance Fix – Lag Fix

  1. Right-click Homefront in your Steam Library
  2. Select Properties
  3. Ensure that you are in the General tab
  4. Click Set Launch Options
  5. Add -d3d9 and -onethread (So that it looks like this: -d3d9 -onethread). Note that -onethread disables cutscenes.
  6. Press OK and close Homefront’s Properties window.
  7. Start Homefront.

16# Stutters and FPS Fix – High End Rig
If you are on SLI or Crossfire, try running the game on Single GPU to resolve the low performance issues.

17# Mouse Controls – Fix

  1. Go to your \steam\steamapps\common\homefront\engine\config directory. Make a copy of all those files before you change anything just for backup purposes.
  2. Then open baseinput.ini – at the top of the file is a section called [Engine.PlayerInput]
  3. Under that section, you will see “bEnableMouseSmoothing=true”, change this to “bEnableMouseSmoothing=false”
  4. Then right under that, in the same section, add the line “bViewAccelerationEnabled=false”

After this your in-game mouse settings may reset, or you may have to adjust your sensitivity because non-accelerated sensitivity is different. But after that, you should notice the mouse control is much improved.

18# Poor Framerates in Multiplayer
If the above performance fix doesn’t work for you, try this:
Run the game in DirectX 9.

19# Where to Find Homefront Config File

C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\HOMEFRONT\GCGame\Config\GCEngine.ini

20# How to Force DirectX 9 in Homefront
Force dx9 with -d3d9 command line in steam launch option if you have bad performance. You also need to set AllowD3D10 to false in config.

21# Homefront – No Sound Fix
Go to windows control panel – sound – configure and set 2:1 stereo to avoid sound loss.

22# ATI Crossfire with Low FPS – Fix

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\homefront\Binaries
  2. In there you will find the homefront.exe that runs the game. Rename this .exe to “UE3.EXE” and relaunch the game. Crossfire will be enabled.

23# Game Crashes to Desktop – Startup
Make sure you have updated your graphics card drivers, DirectX and PhysX. If it still doesn’t resolve the issue try running the game in DirectX 9.

Homefront – Low Performance – Low FPS – Lag – Fixes

  1. Always run installers and redist packages as Administrator, this will make sure all settings and files are correctly copied to your computer.
    Always do a clean install of new video drivers if needed.
  2. Run the game as administrator to ensure that it has admin rights to overwrite configs and game files in it’s directory.
  3. Turn off steam cloud for Homefront will prevent overwriting of your config.
  4. Try updating PhysX or disabling it if you have performance problems.
  5. Verify Game cache in steam and defrag game cache files before playing.
  6. Try playing in Windowed mode
  7. Try reducing draw distance.
  8. Turn off Vsync and frame smoothing in config. Vsync will typically drop your framerate to 30 if it goes under 60 at some point, which will seem really laggy. Solution is to either enable d3d triple buffering with d3doverrider or to use frame capping variables in the config .ini files. but best is to disable vsync and frame capping altogether.
  9. Disable mouse smoothing with benablemousesmoothing=False in
    C:\Users\Documents\My Games\HOMEFRONT\GCGame\Config\GCInput.ini
  10. Unplug saitek controllers or any USB controllers to avoid performance loss.

If you face any other issue, let us know and we will try to help you out.

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