How To Solve Sundial Puzzle In Hogwarts Legacy

A peculiar sundial puzzle awaits you in Hogwarts Legacy while doing a quest for Poppy. This guide will provide you the solution for the puzzle

The Moonstone Puzzle (also known as the Sundial Puzzle) appears during Poppy Sweeting’s quest “A Bird in the Hand” in Hogwarts Legacy. This is the penultimate mission in her quest line and involves the player having to solve a puzzle that has a Moonstone in the middle.

The puzzle can look complicated but it is fairly straightforward and only involves the use of one spell. In this guide, we’ll be going over how to solve the Sundial Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle solution

You will meet Dorran the Centaur when you enter the puzzle location. At first sight, it looks very complicated but it has a simple concept behind it. To start working on the puzzle, you will need a moonstone. Put the moonstone in the hole of the Sundial in Hogwarts Legacy.

Now, look towards the door that you need to unlock. Around the door, there will be different symbols, upon placing the Moonstone, two symbols will light up.

Sundial Puzzle Solution symbols in Hogwarts Legacy

Remember those two symbols, and now look to the puzzle floor. The same door symbols can also be seen on the puzzle floor.

You will see two pillars in front casting light on the Sundial in Hogwarts Legacy. One will be in the outer circle, and one will be in the inner circle. The puzzle works because there are two circular paths for two pillars in which the pillars can move. There will be spots in between the circular paths.

You have to position the pillars by moving them so that the shadows cast by the pillars will be in the direction of the two highlighted symbols. You can do that by using the “Accio spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

You must drag the pillar and place it on the opposite side of the symbol, so its shadow falls on the highlighted symbol on the ground. Similarly, cast “Accio” again on the second pillar and drag it to the opposite side of the second highlighted symbol.

Once you have done that, the light of both pillars will cast shadows in the direction of the highlighted symbols in Hogwarts Legacy, and the doors to the ruins will unlock.

If the Moonstone/Sundial Puzzle does not work for you in Hogwarts Legacy, double-check the symbols you’ve highlighted using the pillars. This is not a bug. There is another symbol that closely resembles the highlighted one on the right of the door. Make sure you’re highlighting the correct symbol, or the door won’t open.

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