How To Save Game In Hogwarts Legacy

We will break down the save game system of Hogwarts Legacy to help you understand how manual and autosaving work.

Adventuring in Hogwarts and its surroundings is a lot of fun in Hogwarts Legacy but it can be equally deadly thanks to the numerous traps and enemies that await you. If you are curious about how to save game in Hogwarts Legacy so you don’t lose your progress after an untimely death, let us cast Lumos on the matter.

Keeping in mind that the game is fairly new and AAA games suffer from countless issues in the early days, you have another reason to constantly save your game in Hogwarts Legacy or keep backups so you don’t end up losing progress and have to start from the beginning.

How does saving work in Hogwarts Legacy?

There are essentially two types of saves in Hogwarts Legacy; manual and auto-save. Autosave is denoted by a symbol in the bottom center of your screen and happens quite frequently so you don’t have to worry about that part. However, auto-save should never be fully trusted which is where manual saving comes in.

Thankfully, the process of manually saving in Hogwarts Legacy is simple and intuitive. You don’t have to find any objects within the game world to save. Simply head to the pause menu and you should see your save slots. You can either create a new save slot after every few hours or overwrite your previous save slots at this point.

Hogwarts Legacy offers players up to 10 manual save slots so there are plenty of critical junctions in the game where you can save your progress.

Ideally, you should manually save before every main story mission or after completing a challenge milestone so that if something goes wrong, you can resume Hogwarts Legacy from that point.

If you die at certain points in the game, the game offers you checkpoints from the autosave slot that you can choose to resume. But in case the autosave gets corrupted due to a game or system crash, the manual saves will help you resume from not too far off.

Save slots for multiple characters

If you are interested in multiple playthroughs of Hogwarts Legacy or want to earn some house-specific achievements, you can do that as well by relying on different save slots. Hogwarts Legacy allows players to create up to 4 characters, each for a different house if they wish.

Each of these characters gets their own save slots so you can’t accidentally end up overwriting the save slots of another character. This provides ample opportunities for players to experiment with different choices and paths, without the fear of losing their progress or having to start the game over from scratch.

In total, there are 40 Hogwarts Legacy save slots, however, that doesn’t mean you can use all 40 for just one character. Each character will still be limited to just 10.

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