Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Challenges Guide

Our Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Challenges guide will provide in-depth instructions on how you can overcome all of the challenges...

Our Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Challenges guide will provide in-depth instructions on how you can overcome all of the challenges in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania, in Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Challenges

There are a total of 32 challenges featured in the mission called The Untouchable in Carpathian Mountains, Romania.

Completing these challenges will increase your Mastery Level and earn you handsome rewards like new gear and starting locations.

About 75% of the challenges are required for you to reach Level 5 Mastery. Getting level 5 Mastery will help you unlock the Last Stop trophy or achievement; you can consider skipping a few challenges to speed up the process.

However, below you’ll find an outline of every single one of the challenges in the Carpathian Mountains. Let’s start!

Assassinations Challenges

Losing Everything
As you reach the very end of the train, you’ll encounter your target, find a serum syringe lying on a desk in this room. Grab this syringe and inject the serum into your target from behind.

Straight Shot
Use any weapon of your own choice to shoot the target in the head.

Discovery Challenges

You will have to find all the shortcuts and undiscovered areas in Romania for these challenges in Hitman 3.

ShortcutContainer Door
You will find a container on a train that you’ll need to climb. The backside includes an empty spot for a valve similar to the one that you have used before. You can find a similar one in the approaching train-car that you can use.

Shortcut– Passenger Car Door
The closed-off section of the train can be entered through a window. Continue walking straight ahead to the next possible window and then approach the closed-off area.

You will be required to find the following seven disguises to complete the challenge:

  • Commando Guard
  • Security Guard
  • Providence Security Guard #2
  • Elite Guard
  • Office Staff
  • Providence Doctor
  • Commando Leader

You’ve Got Some Skills
For this challenge, you need to disguise yourself as an Elite Guard. The difference between these guards and the Security Guards is that Elite Guards wear a black helmet instead of a baseball cap. You will find these guards early in the train.

Heavy Duty
You’ll find a group of commando guards near the end of the train in the outside areas. These guards will have black and white camo, and they will be armed with shotguns and SMGs. Disguise yourself as a commando Guard.

I’m the Conductor Now
Go to the train’s end to find a group of Comando Guards with black and white camo. Use the fuse to blind the guards and then disguise yourself as the Commando leader.

Forbidden Pineapple
As you reach the train’s middle section, you will find a room with two Elite Guards. You will also spot a bunch of weapons places on the tables like Shotgun, Grenades and SMG.

Get your hands on the frag grenades from the table. These grenades will be directly in front of you when you go through the train compartments instead of climbing over them.

Mall Cop
You can find a mall cop as soon as you wake up in the chair, he will be standing next to a doctor. These security guards wear black clothes and a black baseball cap on their head and appear regularly on the train.

47, PhD.
For this challenge, eliminate one of the doctors at the start of the level and disguise yourself as a providence doctor.

Spray and Slay
You will spot and SMG inside the Passenger Car Door Shortcut.

Got My Boomstick
You will find a shotgun inside the “Passenger Car Door” shortcut.


Soda Slinger
To complete this challenge, all you need to is pick up any three soda cans you find in the train and throw them at the three guards to knock them out.

Exhibition Shooting
As you stand in the train’s outer sections, aim up and look out for the train signals. The train signals will come after every ten seconds, shoot one of these signals to complete this challenge,

A New Father
You will meet with Arthur Edwards at the end of the train. You will find a serum on the table, pick it up, and not inject Arthur with it. Instead, inject yourself to unlock a secret ending and complete this challenge.

Snow Angel
You will find some guards in the outer sections of the train. You can quickly push them over from the ledge, which is most comfortable to do near the end where the Commando Guards are standing.

The Gun Muffler
In the middle section of the train, you will come across a crafting table. Interact with the materials there and convert a regular pistol into a silenced pistol.

Button Masher
You will find a keypad by the locked door at the start of this level, enter the code 1979 to unlock it.

Eliminate The Constant
You will complete this challenge automatically after killing your primary target.

The Classics

Silent Assassin
For this challenge, you have to make your way to the end of the train and then climb out the windows. Make your way to the roof and then get around the enemies.

You can use fuses to blind the guards and run from them. Towards the end section of the train with civilians, throw non-deadly objects at their heads to knock them out.

Silent Assassin, Suit Only
Run over the roof of the train and deal with any enemies that come your way. Towards the end section of the train, use non-deadly items to distract civilians by knocking them out. You will have to do all of this without any disguises.

Suit Only
You will have to complete this challenge with your suit only, without any disguises.

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