Hitman 2 Hawke’s Bay Walkthrough – All Missions, Silent Assassin, Challenges

Our Hitman 2 Hawke's Bay Walkthrough Guide will help you learn all about completing all the missions with Silent Assassin rank alongside all the challenges.

Getting started on Hitman 2 but don’t know where to begin? Stuck on the tutorial somewhere? Fear not! This Hawke’s Bay Walkthrough Guide for Hitman 2 has been crafted to serve you! We will try our best to meet your expectations.

Hitman 2 Hawke’s Bay Walkthrough

Hawke’s Bay is the first level in Hitman 2. It serves as a prologue to the whole Hitman 2, and the tutorial level. Hawke’s Bay is basically a small level with almost no extra props, and just a single target.

Fret not even if you miss your target, this level is designed in such a way that there is a lot of room for error.

Instead of the traditional tutorials, the Hitman 2 tutorial gives you full freedom to explore the whole place without any form of distraction or restriction. Without further ado, let us begin:

Hawke’s Bay

This is a fairly simple mission. Long story short: You need to infiltrate and ultimately assassinate a target.

Getting into more detail, your initial objective will be to find information on the “Shadow Client” through the house of the terrorist cell leader Alma Reynard.

Eventually, you will have to assassinate Alma for she has returned to her safe house to lay low from the law. As soon as you enter the area of the house, the game will present you with tutorials to get you inside the building, and towards your target.

Once you complete all the objectives inside the house, you will have to escape through your boat, but with a little trick. The house has three main areas that you might be interested in:

Main Room
This is the biggest room in the house. It contains many potential weapons like knives and other stuff. It also contains some intel, if you are a Hitman lore hunter.

Panic Room
You can access the Panic Room by rotating the painting on the wall in her office a bit. There are tons of weapons inside, a CCTV hub and a lockpick. Moreover, you will find the password for Alma’s computer in there.

The roof is a great viewpoint and you will be able to see everything in the house, and outside. You can also find the house’s ventilation systems here, if you are into poisoning your target.

You can enter the garage by picking up the screwdriver that is found beside the swimming pool, on the floor. Find the garage signal box around the building and use this screwdriver to short-circuit the box. This will unlock the garage room for use.

Silent Assassin
The Silent Assassin challenge can be completed by not being detected by anyone during the whole mission. To easily complete this challenge, as soon as you head for the house, enter through the window in the poolroom. Ignore the cameras.

Head into the Panic Room
After unlocking the garage, head through the garage into the Panic Room and pick up the password dongle and the lockpick. Also, grab the Fragmentation Grenade on the gun rack wall.

Eliminate Alma Reynard
Alma Reynard follows a simple routine. Pay close attention to her habits and you will eventually find an opening without being detected. A good option would be to smother her in her sleep or silently assassinate her while her lover’s taking a bath.

Return to your Boat
After eliminating Alma Reynard, you will need to make your way back to the boat. However, beware; the guards will have discovered your boat by now. Lure them away, use the foliage and the tall grass as a cover to slip through them undetected.

Get on your boat and run away as soon as possible. If you still are not able to escape undetected, try to shoot the can on the back of the pickup truck. The explosion will definitely attract the guards to its location.

Things to Know

  • If you somehow cause a ruckus, the guards will escort her into the Panic Room. Be sure to avoid that.
  • The Hired Mercenary disguise can be found by subduing a guard. It can be used to complete the challenge “Chameleon”.
  • You can find Rat Poison sitting on the shelves in the storage room.
  • You can find Chloroform to the back of the van in the garage.
  • Dog toys can be found lying around on the floor. A Discovery challenge can be completed this way.

If you wish to smother Alma in her sleep, go hide in the room’s wicker basket. But watch out for squeaky toys on the floor.

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