Hiring for XCOM 3 Begins, PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Versions Likely

XCOM 3 is under development as confirmed by a job listing by Fireaxis Games. The developer is looking for people to bring the XCOM series to the next level.  Baltimore based studio is looking for Senior Visual Effects artists to join the development team for the next XCOM game.

According to the job listing, the team is looking for a person that will help the studio bring XCOM series to the next level. XCOM’s creative lead director and lead game designer Jake Solomon posted on Twitter about the new position as well and he seems pretty excited about things to come.

The person the studio is looking for to develop XCOM 3 possibly for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett must have a strong grasp on the particle system.

Firaxis Games is looking for an exceptionally skilled Senior Visual Effects Artist to help take the team that brought you the XCom series to the next level. As a Senior Visual Effects Artist, you will create high-quality assets that enhance the player’s experience and bring life and spectacle into the game world. The ideal candidate must have an excellent grasp of particle systems, material creation, modeling and texturing skills, as well as a strong working knowledge of tools and skills listed below.


You will be expected to create the highest quality visual effects, both in appearance and performance, while adhering to the project’s artistic vision
Collaborate closely with the engineering, design, animation and art teams to create beautiful and believable effects that offer creative solutions to design challenges, add life to the game world, and create wow moments for the player
Implement your FX into gameplay animations and visualization systems
Help establish pipelines for efficient creation and implementation of all visual effects

The developer behind the XCOM series is yet to confirm XCOM 3 for consoles and PC. They seem to be in an early stage of development of XCOM 3.

Firaxis wants to take things to the next level which indicates that the game could be pushed to PS5 and the next-gen Xbox. We are closer than ever to seeing the next gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Rumor has it that both companies will announce these consoles at some point this year.

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