How To Become High King In Skyrim?

Ever wondered about becoming a High King in Skyrim? It's possible, through mods!

High King is the highest seat in Skyrim. Becoming a High King means that you can rule over the land and command the provincial army (Stormcloak or Imperial, depending on which side wins). There is one problem, however: The Dragonborn is not destined to become the High King in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, not by regular means, at least. But like many other things in the game, mods can allow players to become High King and even marry Elisif. There will be some limitations as well, of course, which we will discuss in this guide as well.

First, let’s see which mods are best to use if you want to become High King in Skyrim.

Become High King in Skyrim using mods

As mentioned before, mods are the only way to become High King in Skyrim. ‘Become High King of Skyrim’ was the first mod version made available that allowed players to become High King of Skyrim. It was a rather basic update to the game where you would become High King and rule Skyrim from a city called Highreach, which the mod would add to the game. This mod didn’t offer any specific gameplay changes that could give players an exact feel of how it feels to rule Skyrim.

Become High King of Skyrim – Immersive Edition’ is the updated and most used mod by players who wish to experience the life of High King in Skyrim. This mod came out in 2016 but consisted of a good amount of bugs. Over time, fixes have been made in this mod, but due to the size of the mod, all the bugs could not be fixed. At some point in the game, NPCs start to glitch, and the number of commands is also limited.

The quests to become the High King of this mod start after the Civil War ends and once you have collected the Jagged Crown. You also need about 60 votes from the NPCs to become High King, which was the most hectic part of the mod. Once you have these two requirements, go to Ulric or Elisif and talk to them to take your place as the new High King. This mod includes new changes to the previous version, such as your palace is now Solitude. You can assign any person in your court. You can have your army according to your character level.

Become High King of Skyrim V2’ is the latest version of the mod with updates to the Immersive Edition. This mod includes all the possibilities of Immersive Edition and some additional features like reducing the number of votes required to 20, and players could make anyone their follower. In this mod, players can marry anyone, even Elisif the Fair, after becoming High King. With this mod, players can make anyone their follower as well. Your castle now includes more parts, such as Hot Springs, Mines, Soul Gem forge, and a capacity of more than 40 followers in your castle.

How To Marry Elisif in Skyrim?

By default, players can’t marry Elisif in Skyrim. However, if you have become a High King using the ‘Become High King of Skyrim V2’ mod, you will be eligible to marry her. There is another mod you can use if you only want to marry Elisif and have no interest in going through the trials of becoming a High King.

Elisif The Fair Marriable’ is a simple mod that makes Elisif available for marriage. Originally in Skyrim, she does not have the dialogue for marriage, but using this mod adds the dialogue. Once married, the necessary changes are also made to the game, like an additional throne in the Palace alongside Elisifs’s throne.

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