Hideo Kojima Will Be Attending Summer Game Fest 2021

Hideo Kojima, the founder of Kojima Productions and the creator of the Metal Gear franchise, will be attending Summer Game Fest 2021.

Hideo Kojima, the founder of Kojima Productions and the creator of the Metal Gear franchise, has been confirmed to be attending Summer Game Fest 2021.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, personal assistant Ayako Terashima shared an image of Kojima holding an entry pass for the upcoming event.

It however remains to be confirmed if Kojima will be attending Summer Game Fest 2021 in a personal capacity to speak about his past and current games, or will be attending with his developers to perhaps announce something new.

Kojima Productions has reportedly been working on a new game which has already been part of a number of rumors. However, a few months back, art director Yoji Shinkawa confirmed that Kojima Productions will be announcing a new game fairly soon. Will Kojima be making that announcement at Summer Game Fest 2021? Fans will not have to wait long since the event goes live in a couple of days.

Kojima Productions made its PlayStation 4 debut with Death Stranding back in 2019 after which the game was ported over to PC in 2020. Since then the developer has been rumored to be working on a horror game which may or may not be related to the Silent Hill franchise. For example, last year, renowned Japanese horror master Junji Ito revealed that he was in contact with Kojima for Silent Hills before the game was cancelled. He later clarified that the potential collaboration was about a new horror project in entirety and not limited to just Silent Hills.

There is also the possibility of a Death Stranding sequel which Kojima himself has stated to be interested in.

Whatever remains in development however will not be releasing anytime soon. Kojima Productions only began hiring in December 2020 which suggests the unannounced project to arrive somewhere in the middle of the new console generation at the earliest.

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