Hideaki Itsuno Already Planning To Work On His Next Title After Devil May Cry 5 Release And First Update

Hideaki Itsuno, the director of DMC 5 revealed that he plans to start working on his next project immediately following Devil May Cry 5's release date.

The director of Devil May Cry 5 has made it evident that he doesn’t plan to throw the towel and rest as soon as DMC is out. In fact, after the first major update that the game has planned in April, Mr. Itsuno will be working on his next major project almost immediately. Which is pretty soon considering Devil May Cry 5’s release date.

After its release on March 8, and after checking the free update coming in April, I’m going to refresh and prepare for my next title. I hope to work hard so that my next title meets everyone’s expectations, and so that I can announce it as soon as possible.

Devil May Cry 5’s release date is in just a couple of more months. It’ll also be the first numbered title in almost eleven years. The reboot games were just spin-offs in any case, and the canon surrounding them is still up for debate since Nero does exist here.

Itsuno never felt very accomplished for his work on Devil May Cry 2. This can be credited to the fact that the original director of DMC 2 left halfway through the game’s development and passed the reigns to Itsuno.

He still did go on to develop the Dragon’s Dogma game and his more popular Rival schools game. Since then he’s been at Capcom and has self-acclaimed put his all into the development of Devil May Cry 5.

DMC 5 is a major step of progression for the franchise since the game takes place after the events of DMC 2. That gives us a 16-year gap since we’ve seen Dante’s story be continued. Kinda makes sense now as to why he was also made to look older in the upcoming title.

In regards to what Itsuno may be planning to work on after April, is it another DMC game? Perhaps it’s an add-on or next installment in an existing series like a Dragon’s Dogma or another Rival school.

Itsuno has made it evident that he doesn’t like to sit on secrets for too long. Hence his claim in the first place of working as soon as DMC 5 releases. So we can expect an announcement on his next project pretty soon in the wake of Devil May Cry 5’s release date.

To whoever is sort of tired of waiting, there IS a demo available now.

Source: Destructoid

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