Here’s How to Fix Motion Blur in Outriders

People Can Fly is releasing a patch soon so that you can turn off motion blur in Outriders, along with multiple other issues.

If you’re one of the multiple people that’s been busy playing the public demo for People Can Fly’s upcoming shooter Outriders, you might have experienced a ton of motion blur while playing. Thankfully, People Can Fly already has a demo patch out that can help you get rid of it.

People Can Fly has actually been fairly on top of feedback to the Outriders demo, taking note of things that players like and dislike. All of this information has been compiled and will be getting adjusted and fixed in a new patch for the demo that will likely be coming out sometime early next week.

Most notably, all platforms will soon get a toggle option for motion blur, meaning you can switch it on and off at your leisure, like if the motion blur is causing you eye-strain or making you motion-sick. Turning it off can also help increase performance.

Either way, motion blur in Outriders will be getting a toggle option so that you can turn it off at your leisure for any number of reasons. There are a few ways that you can lower motion blur without having to wait on the patch, but so far that option seems limited to PC, and it mainly involves turning down a number of settings.

Console users should also have console options to help turn off motion blur, particularly on the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. However, if you’re less tech-savvy and don’t want to mess up your settings, you might want to wait for the patch.

Once again, the patch to the Outriders demo will be coming out sometime early next week, as soon as it gets done in testing. Once it’s out, if the motion blur in Outriders has really been bugging you, you should be able to toggle it off. The game will be available in full on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and PC on April 1, after originally being pushed back from its December release.

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