Watch Peter Flirt With Black Cat In The New Spiderman PS4 DLC Trailer

The first Spiderman PS4 DLC adds on to the story of the game as it launches today. Watch the trailer here to get hyped for "The Heist".

“The Heist” is making its way to the Spiderman PS4 story with the launch of the DLC scheduled for today. It is the first add-on for the Spiderman PS4 DLC named “City That Never Sleeps”. Meanwhile, the launch trailer for “The Heist” features captivating scenes.

The Spiderman PS4 DLC is going live as of today and it would add on to the already incredible story of the game. The base of the story in The Heist covers the return of Black Cat into the city. She is one of those Spiderman PS4 characters that push the boundaries of players.

PlayStation Store lists certain challenges that players would face in Spiderman PS4 gameplay. The Heist also bring us fresh additions for the Spiderman PS4 suits collection. Apart from that, there are several collectibles waiting on the way too.

New Missions, Classic Villains

Battle classic Spider-Man Super Villains in the first of three new story chapters for Marvel’s Spider-Man. Finally come face-to-face with Black Cat in a series of missions that will test Spider-Man’s abilities and thwart new dangerous enemy factions bent on ruling the criminal underbelly.

Bonus Suits and Collectibles

Unlock three new suits, including a brand-new, original suit designed exclusively for Marvel’s Spider-Man. Discover new collectibles and earn new trophies from challenges as Spider-Man tracks down Black Cat.

Along with the launch trailer, we also got to see the Spiderman PS4 gameplay for The Heist. Our fellows over at Game Informer and IGN have covered the DLC in details. The gameplay videos provide an in-depth view of The Heist.

Furthermore, the Spiderman PS4 Game Plus mode managed to get us some of the most hilarious memes as well. Developers seem to be covering their tracks by adding the missing water puddles too. All in all, this Spiderman PS4 DLC promises to bring in high-quality content to the game.

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