New Hearthstone Ranked Floors Bring Safe Havens for Anxious Players

A highly requested feature will be rolled out for the competitive Hearthstone ranked ladder later this month, Blizzard announced.

In its efforts to refine the Ranked Play experience, the developer is taking steps to curb or at lease reduce the amount of anxiety that players face while climbing the many rungs of the competitive ladder.

Patch 7.1 will introduce new Ranked Floors that ensure players no longer drop past ranks achieved within a prescribed season.

“Once a player hits Rank 15, 10, or 5, they will no longer be able to de-rank past that rank once it is achieved within a season, similar to the existing floors at Rank 20 and Legend,” explained community manager Zaerhinon on the official forums.

To further simplify it with an example, a player who achieves Rank 15 in Hearthstone will not drop back to Rank 16 regardless of how many losses attained within the same season.

Blizzard believes that the new safe havens will incite players into experimenting with additional decks between ranks and help evolve the meta.

The addition of Ranked Floors is also aimed at making each ranked rating feel like an accomplishment. Players will feel at ease once they are past each milestone, and not delve in the fear of being dragged back down the ladder. This should not only promote healthy competition but also make Ranked Play a more enjoyable experience.

Patch 7.1 is scheduled to release for Hearthstone at the end of the month. As far as the community is concerned, this month’s update holds extreme importance as Blizzard is finally addressing the overwhelming meta of Shamans and Pirate decks.

For now, the developer has revealed nerfs for Small-Time Buccaneer and Spirit Claws, but there may be more included in the final patch notes.

In other news, the next Hearthstone expansion is rumored to be called Lost Secrets of Un’Goro. If the leaks are legitimate, the new content will focus on beasts and dinosaurs, bringing much-needed love for Hunters.

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