Have the Street Fighter 5 PC Beta Game Files Revealed More Characters?

The Street Fighter 5 PC beta game files have been datamined and the results include a list of characters that may be coming to the game.

Street Fighter 5’s last beta phase went to the PC, and this means easier access to the game files. What do these files reveal? If reports are true, some very interesting characters that have not yet been revealed.

While these reveals posted on Neogaf make for interesting reading, it should be noted that the datamined files may make mention of the characters, but this doesn’t automatically mean that the characters will appear in the game. As always these are rumours, and even if they exist in the code, doesn’t mean they made the final cut.

What the datamining has revealed though is certain characters that may be coming to the game:

  • Dhalsim appears to be confirmed
  • Urien (maybe)
  • Ibuki (maybe)
  • Juri (maybe)
  • Alex (maybe)
  • A new characters only identified in the files as “FAN” and “TUT”

What the “evidence” shown on Neogaf shows is that these characters do exist, as does some proof of the existence of others like Guile and Sim. I’m sure that many fans of the game would love Guile to make a return.

It will be interesting to see when we’ll get these characters confirmed (if they ever are). With Paris Games Week taking place, that would have been the perfect place to make these reveals. I’m sure with Capcom not being pleased with some of the previous leaks, they’ll also be upset if some other big reveals have been spoilt again.

So, will these characters be confirmed for Street Fighter 5? We’ll have to wait and see. Just because there is evidence of their existence in the game files does not mean they will actually be in the game, but then again, why would they be there if not?


What are your thoughts on the latest list of leaked characters? Do you think they’ll make it into the game? Let us know what you think below.

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