Has the Dark Souls 3 Release Date Been Revealed?

An Italian game retail site appears to have outed the release date for Dark Souls 3. Though unconfirmed is this the "early 2016" date promised?

With Dark Souls 3 looking at an early 2016 release it looks like we may have a few hints on just when it could be. Listed on an Italian game retailer site, they may have outed the date by mistake.

The date revealed on the store is February 2, 2016. While this is not a 100% confirmation of the date, things get even more interesting with an image showing games that are available around the Chinese New Year, which is February 8, 2016. As you can see in the image, Dark Souls 3 is visible in the revealed games.

Looking at the image, something that may also lay doubt on this new rumour though is the inclusion of The Division. With a release date for Ubisoft’s game set for March this would lead to the argument that this image isn’t saying these games will be available to play, but that some featured could be coming soon. So read into that what you will.

It will be interesting why a date like February 2 was chosen if this is a mistake. Could it be a date that is being aimed at? As we know the release is aimed at “early 2016” obviously this reveal will get fans hopes up. After the Christmas rush a February release may be a wise choice. Especially as the releases tend to start quietening down at this time.

I’m sure that we’ll hear some kind of confirmation on the date soon, which will then let us know if this new rumoured release date is true. As with any rumour we can’t fully trust it until we get confirmation so it is merely speculation at this point.

Do you think that a February 2, 2016 release date is believable? Let us know your thoughts below.

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