Harvestella Harvesting Tips

As the name suggests, harvesting is a central part of Harvestella and farming and mining are core concepts of the...

As the name suggests, harvesting is a central part of Harvestella and farming and mining are core concepts of the game. However, all is not so simple and some in-game mechanics are not so simple and clear.

Here, we have a few tips that will help you harvest much more efficiently in Harvestella.

Harvestella Harvesting Tips

Getting all your tools

You cannot just go around farming and mining with your bare hands. You need the tools to help you grow crops and mine the basic resources and the best start to your game is to get all the basic tools required as early as possible.

Basic tools like a hoe, watering can and seeds are your topmost priorities. These are, fortunately, provided to you early on so you can start your game.

Other tools like a pickaxe for mining and a hammer for construction need to be bought or unlocked later in the game through some of the quests. We recommend that you focus on completing these quests as soon as possible so you don’t end up falling behind on your chores.

Keep tabs on your crops

Your crops are not eternal. Harvestella has a seasonal calendar, and after every 30 in-game days, the season in the game will change. If you have any idea about crops, you’ll know that specific crops grow in specific seasons, and the same is true for Harvestella.

If the in-game season changes and your crops haven’t been harvested before that, they will die out. You will lose all your crops and won’t be able to harvest any of them, wasting your investment as well.

Furthermore, you need to take care of your crops. Watering your plants is one of the essentials, and you need to make sure you water your plants every in-game day to make sure that they don’t die.

Expanding your farm

Farming is the most lucrative method of income in Harvestella and it’s no doubt that you’ll want to expand your farm. As you start the game, you only get a 7×7 plot of land for farming, but you are not limited to it.

You can plow more land for farming with your hoe anytime you want. More locations become accessible for farming as you progress through the game. However, you might want to get the hammer as fast as possible, as it is required to clear the debris from plots of lands before you can get them ready for farming.

Once you find a suitable plot of land, just clear it and then equip your hoe. You will see a blue square, where you need to interact to plow the land for farming.

Crop Growing Times

All the crops in Harvestella have different times before which they are ready for harvest. The time ranges from 1 day to 3 days for the crops you get in the beginning, and may extend to around 10 days.

The reason for knowing the growing time of your crops is that you have to water your plants every day. If you don’t, the crops will die. Since some crops grow faster, they require less attention as compared to others.


Fishing is another viable way to get food or earn some extra cash. To fish, you need a fishing rod. The only way to get a fishing rod for yourself is to purchase it from Lethe General Store, for 800 Grilla. You also get the Fishing Knowledge handbook, which teaches your character how to fish.

This fishing rod can be upgraded as the story progresses, so it’s best that you get it as soon as possible. A better fishing rod can be used to get better catch which sells for a higher price.


Mining is a source of basic crafting materials and minerals that you’ll need throughout your adventures in Harvestella. Your mining ability is unlocked on the second day when you visit Njord Steppe.

Mining works as expected. You need to mine the nodes that are found all across the world of Harvestella. Amount of resources that you mine in Harvestella depends on your mining level.

As your level grows, you not only mine more resources but also have a higher chance of finding rarer resources when mining. Any node that you mine will respawn after 1 in-game day.

Ingredients and raw materials

Harvestella focuses on a large variety of ingredients and raw materials. All of these can be farmed freely in the world of Harvestella. All your tool upgrades, weapon upgrades and crafting require different raw materials. Ingredients can be used to cook various foods for yourself.

Cooking is a vital part as you need the food for your adventures to keep your stamina and health up in any fight.

The main point is that anything that you mine, even if you don’t need it right away, may be very useful later down the line.

It’s best that you keep any extra resources that you find, and try to grow a variety of crops so that you have a larger selection of ingredients to choose from when cooking for yourself.

Completing Challenges

Different NPCs in Harvestella will offer you different challenges. Although you might think that these are only related to fighting skills, some of these challenges will also increase your farming capabilities.

Completing challenges from Juno, Aeril, Iris and Shirii will increase your effectiveness for farming such as increasing your charge level for plowing, harvesting and even reducing the stamina consumption for farming activities.

Completing some of the in-game challenges will improve your farming-centric skills, making farming much easier for you

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