Harvestella Conellu Doll Locations Guide

Harvestella comes with its own collection of collectibles that players can find. One of the many collectibles in Harvestella are Conellu Dolls.

Conellu Dolls Collectibles are found all around the world, specifically in the various dungeons of the game. Conellu Dolls unlock new merchants for trading in Harvestella, with unique items and rewards for you.

What are Conellu Dolls?

Conellu Dolls are mostly found in the dungeons that you can explore in Harvestella. Unlike other collectibles, Conellu Dolls are much easier to find, owing mostly to their size. You don’t have to search every inch when trying to find these Conellu Dolls, as they are large and can be easily spotted.

Conellu Dolls are not just for fun, as they have practical use in the game as well. Collecting Conellu Dolls will unlock additional content in the game. You unlock new merchants that allow you to purchase various items that are not normally found in other shops around the world of Harvestella.

You can purchase unique items, livestock, pets and even animals to ride when travelling across the world map. You can also purchase the feed for your new pets and livestock from these merchants.

Harvestella Conellu Dolls Location

Higan Canyon

The first Conellu Doll can be found in Higan Canyon. You access the location in Chapter 2 of the game. From the entrance of Higan Canyon, turn east towards the ruins. You find the Conellu Doll just south of the ruin, under the large tree roots.

More Conellu Doll locations will be added once they are found.

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