Harvestella Character Customization Tips

With Harvestella’s release right around the corner, its character customization has become the talk of the town, and all for...

With Harvestella’s release right around the corner, its character customization has become the talk of the town, and all for the good reasons. A few very interesting and rare character customization options have been made available in Harvestella by the developers, to help players of all ethnicities, genders, or races feel a lot more included in the relaxing, action-packed farming sim.

Character Customization in Harvestella

Unlike most other life sims, Harvestella does not provide the player with the option to freely play around with their character’s customization, however, the simple customization still allows the player to get attached to their new character. This is because, the options provided to customize their character helps the player, no matter what ethnicity, race or gender, feel included, and welcome to try and enjoy the game.


Starting a new game, the player is initially given the option to choose between the three gender options of male, female and non-binary. The inclusion of the non-binary option in a farming sim is a rare decision that has been taken by the developers of Harvestella, which will help all players feel welcome to play the game.


After the player has selected their gender, they’re shifted to the “select your appearance” screen. This screen showcases 8 different pre-set slides, through which the player can select their appearance.

This includes combinations of both light and dark skin tones paired up with light and darker hair colors. However, if the player does not like the pre-set hair color, then that’s not a problem because the next screen lets you customize your hair color as well.

Hair Color

The next screen allows the player to customize their character’s hair color. There are a total of 12 hair colors available for the player to choose from, giving them a wide variety to experiment with.

The hair colors that the player can select from, includes both darker and lighter hair colors, which are also traditional such as brown or blonde, or non-traditional such as pink and lavender.

Eye Color

After the player has selected their desired hair color, they’re shifted to the next screen, which allows them to customize the character’s eye color. There are a total of 15 eye colors available for the players to choose from, including both traditional and non-traditional ones, giving a lot more room and variety for the player to choose from.

If you’re going for a funkier look, you could select purple or red, but if you lean towards the softer aesthetics, then you could select lavender or yellow.

It is to be noted that no matter what gender the player selects, the number of options available for customization remains the same. Lastly, the player can choose either a masculine or feminine voice for their character, and with that, the character customization in Harvestella ends.

The simple character customization helps capture the simplicity of the game, while also providing the player with a decent selection of customization options.

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