We Happy Few Maidenholm Update Brings New Island, New Mechanics

The We Happy Few Maidenholm Update has been released, bringing in a new location, new mechanics, new encounters, and more to the early access game.

The We Happy Few Maidenholm update has been released by Compulsion Games, and adds in a number of new locations, mechanics, and various other additions to the indie survival game that include a new island, playstyle options, new world generation options, and more gameplay additions such as the Peeper enemy.

We Happy Few is a first-person survival game that takes place in an alternate history Great Britain. In the aftermath of World War 2, Britain was invaded by the Nazis, and in response did a “Very Bad Thing” in order to free themselves. To forget the Very Bad Thing, all citizens must take an anti-depressent known as Joy, which keeps them from being depressed about the Very Bad Thing.

You play as a “Downer”, a person that has stopped taking their Joy, and now you must survive and escape the town of Wellington Wells. However, you have to be careful. If anyone notices you haven’t been taking your Joy, they’ll call the police, who will either force you take it…or just straight-up kill you.

The We Happy Few Maidenholm update adds a new location, the island of Maidenholm, to play through. Players can now also pick a playstyle, ranging from the easygoing Birdwatcher, to the extremely difficult Vigilante.

New enemies have also joined the game, such as the alarm-sounding Peeper, the Plague Wastrel, and the Hooligan, all of whom will pose a variety of different threats to you. The game also has a variety of new encounters with notable NPCs and locations.

We Happy Few is currently available for the PC and the Xbox One, and has been in early access since last year, while Compulsion Games finishes up the more narrative aspects of the game. The game can be found on the Xbox One Store or on Steam, if you want to see the We Happy Few Maidenholm Update for yourself.

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