Halo Wars 2 Beta Stats Show 200 Million Tonnes of Units Created

After extending the beta for Halo wars 2 to June 22, Microsoft has now revealed Halo Wars 2 beta stats and also noted that the feedback they received exceeded their expectations.

The beta for Halo Wars 2 started on June 13 and was supposed to end on June 20 but it was extended to June 22 by 343 industries. Now the developer has revealed full Halo Wars 2 beta stats, according to the stats 80,468,490 units were vanquished and 18,041,693 buildings destroyed and 4,484,718 buildings were built by the participants.

According to Halo Wars 2 beta stats the total units that were created by players during the beta, weighs almost 204,503,200 Tonnes that is more than 200 million tonnes, which shows that how much players enjoyed plying the game and creating their units.

The fastest deathmatch win time is six minutes and twenty nine seconds, while the longest time taken for a domination win is two minutes and fifty nine seconds. Approximately 942 Zeta Joules of has been released from Orbital Bombardments.

You can checkout the full Halo Wars 2 beta stats in the image below.


It is important to mention that these stats are from the beta conducted on Xbox One, however, Microsoft has announced that a beta will also go live for PC. However, PC players will have to wait till end of this year or early 2017 for the beta.

Halo Wars 2 Ultimate edition is also available for pre-order which is priced at £64.99, and considering the amount of content it offers it is great deal. The Ultimate Edition will include season pass and Halo Wars definitive edition, and players will have access to game 4 days before its official launch.

Halo Wars 2 is releasing for Windows 10 and Xbox One, Microsoft has announced pay once and play across all platforms. Which means that if you buy a copy of Halo Wars 2 on Windows 10, you will get a free copy of Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One.

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