Halo Online Files Leaked, New Video Shows it Running on PC

Just recently we received an announcement of Halo Online for PC. Microsoft confirmed the title but only for Russia.

As expected, the announcement generated interest among fans outside of Russia as well. However, Microsoft nor developer Saber Interactive has any plans to bring Halo Online to the west or Xbox platforms.

So what to do? Some modders have managed to get a hold of Halo Online files and have even started running it on PC using a loader. The video above shows the game featuring maps from Halo 3 and skins that look similar to Halo 4.

For those who don’t know, Halo series was originally going to be a PC exclusive. However, not too long before the release of Halo: Combat Evolved, Microsoft acquired the developers. This led the game to become an exclusive to the original Xbox.

Since then, Halo has been a killer app for Microsoft and Xbox, but fans have requested a PC version for years. It’s strange that after all these years there is a PC version but its exclusive to a certain region.

Beta will start soon for Halo Online and hopefully, Halo Online will hit PC in the west as well. Do you think we’ll hear something at E3? Let us know of your take on the story in the comments below.


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