Halo Infinite Might Be Coming Before 2020

Halo Infinite will be released before the next Xbox console. Speculation or reality? Either way, the project is the most ambitious in the franchise.

343 Industries has already announced the development of a new engine to support the Halo franchise and most specifically, the lately revealed Halo Infinite. Housed in a new engine, the next Halo title could be far from release, but not as far as to get released on the next Xbox console.

The teaser trailer for Halo Infinite that was revealed during Microsoft’s E3 2018 conference was nothing more than a demo of the studios’ new Slipspace engine, which is powerful enough to support the new game and all its graphics glory. The fact that a demo is shown might point to a late 2019 – early 2020 release for the game, at best.

Phil Spencer, on the other hand, has revealed that Microsoft is already working on a new Xbox console – possibly the last before we jump into cloud streaming – which is codenamed, Scarlet. If that’s true then there’s a little more than 1 and a half year before we start seeing announcements for new Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Don’t get discouraged just yet by what you hear, we’ll get to the point. 343 Industries¬†Frank O’Connor, is said to have revealed that Halo Infinite will be available on Xbox One and Xbox One X as well as PC. Bearing that in mind we come to the conclusion that Halo Infinite is either coming before the end of 2019 or as a console seller for the new Xbox.

In an aspect of reality, the latter seems more plausible since the game might be in the early stages of its development if we take the nature of its teaser in mind. If what was revealed by O’ Connor though is true, we might see the new Halo title sooner than we think.

Which theory seems most possible for you? Do you think that Halo Infinite might be released before 2020?

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