EA Holds Halo Infinite Responsible For Negative Battlefield 2042 Feedback

The disappointing state of Battlefield 2042 can be traced back to a number of reasons, one of which was surprisingly the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite, at least according to publisher Electronic Arts (EA) in a new round of talks.

During an internal “Town Hall” meeting call (via Xfire) earlier today, chief studios officer Laura Miele led a discussion over what went wrong with Battlefield 2042 which she admitted “failed to meet the expectations of players.”

Miele noted that the bug count ratio of Battlefield 2042 was at “historic [low] levels for a DICE game” and that early patches helped further reduce the number of bugs. She stated that “the game was stable” and that “the early critical reception was good” following favorable mock reviews prior to launch.

However, as Miele continued, negativity seeped into the player-base when they started comparing Battlefield 2042 with Halo Infinite which featured a highly polished and bug-free multiplayer in comparison.

Miele also pinned most of the poor Steam reviews on players with low-grade PC hardware which the community found “upsetting” and which added to the overall pool of negative feedback for the game.

EA though has acknowledged itself falling short and that Battlefield 2042 could have been a lot better. Miele noted that lessons learned now will prove helpful for the future as EA intends to take necessary actions to not repeat the mistakes which have led to the downfall of the new Battlefield game.

EA is now reportedly restructuring its Battlefield development teams “to ensure a more streamlined development process.” Battlefield 2042 had its first season delayed by several months. DICE has a long road ahead of itself but will be looking to revive the game which continues to lose its players every single day.

Elsewhere, an online petition blaming EA for false advertisement and asking for a full refund across all platforms has surpassed 200,000 signatures. The petition mentioned taking legal action against the publisher but nothing of the sorts has happened yet.

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