How to Use the Call Aid Ability in Hades

This guide will help you know how to use the Call Aid ability in Hades. It also includes information about how you can charge God Gauge and what are the effects of different powers and boons.

Hades Call Aid Ability

There are many Boons granted by the Olympian Gods to aid Zagreus in his attempts to escape the underworld. One such boon is an ability known as Call Aid and is a key ability you do not want to miss out on.

Unlock Call Aid

First of all, you need to unlock the Call Aid ability, for this in normal cases you have to wait for Poseidon, the God of the sea, as He will be the first Olympian God to introduce you to this power.

Poseidon will only offer you Poseidon’s Aid as a boon and you can expect this to happen on about the fourth or fifth escape attempt.

It is to be noted that some players have reported that they were able to find it much later than expected hence do not lose hope, you’ll definitely find it!

Regardless, this shall unlock the Call Aid button on the left side of the screen.

God Gauge and Using Call Aid

Apart from the Call Aid button appearing, you will also see a bar on the same left side known as the God Gauge.

God Gauge depends on a few aspects; One of them includes you damaging the enemies, while another aspect covers the different perks that also help you boost the God Gauge:

  • Hunter Instinct boon by Artemis, this will give you a faster charge with critical hits.
  • Proud Bearing by Athena, this will start an encounter with the gauge partially full.
  • Boiling Point by Poseidon again gives you a faster charge but when taking damage.
  • Clouded Judgment by Zeus will give you a faster charge when dealing or taking damage.

Now, here is where you use the Call Aid, all the above-mentioned boons will first want you to have the skill of Call Aid for them only then can you get these. God Guage will reset whenever an encounter ends.

If you are unable to use Call Aid then there are a few other ways to charge the gauge.

You can either do this by smoldering Air Duo boon by Aphrodite and Zeus, which automatically charges your gauge but caps it at 25%.

Or, Quick Favor by Hermes automatically charges your gauge. Lastly, Aether Net item from the Well of Charon will start each encounter with the gauge at 15% full.

Spell Effects
You can use your Call Aid skill if your God Gauge is at a minimum of 25%, however, it has a disadvantage, which is lesser damage or shorter durations.

Here’s the list of spells with their effects:

  • Artemis, this flames various bolts with a high basic hit possibility.
  • Athena, this makes you resistant and redirect all assaults briefly.
  • Demeter will gather a freezing vortex that chills and harms foes.

Boon Effects

Dionysus‘ Aid will encompass Zagreus with a noxious cloud that causes Hangover.

Zeus will destroy crowds close to you with lightning.

Aphrodite will pantomime blowing a kiss that causes a touch of harm while beguiling hostiles for a couple of moments.

Ares will transform you into a turning sharp edge so you can cut your adversaries.

Poseidon will make you incidentally insusceptible while you surf and collide with your rivals like a maverick wave.

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