Hackers Are Looking to Bring Doom 3 and Every Other Doom Game to Nintendo Switch

A recent Tweet by iodoom3 revealed Doom 3 running on Nintendo Switch. It is an open source version of Doom 3 that is running on Switch.

Those who played all the Doom games, they certainly would want to play them again given the chance. Well, if you own a Nintendo Switch then we have a good news for you. Hackers have almost brought Doom 3 on Nintendo Switch.

The Doom series has been remarkable with its concepts on how to instill a dark vibe in their games. Each time the iteration of the game has been more intense and the gameplay has been much appreciated.

The Doom 2016’s arrival on Switch last fall, was the first time since the series had been ported to a Nintendo console. This also set the focus of bringing the game on handheld consoles.

This long-standing mission to make the original Doom run on every console possible has been making some progress lately. Very recently a Tweet was made by the iodoom3 that shared an image of Doom 3 making its way to Switch.

Although it is an open source version of Doom 3 that is running on Switch, what this points out is that the time is very near when rest of its parts arrive on Switch as well.

Back in 2011 id Software rolled out the source code to the game Doom 3 and iodoom3 is one of its project that has its focus set on porting it to various platforms. Even though this open source version is not the remastered version of the game, the BFG Edition that released back in 2012.

The game uses Tegra graphics chip that is what the Nintendo Switch uses as well but rather a modified version. Getting it completely on Switch should not be a difficult task.

Last year we have already had Doom ported on Nintendo Switch which was locked at 30FPS. With that said hacker groups have been trying to hack consoles since their inception and very recently a hacker group known as Team-Xecuter revealed that they have developed a future-proof Switch hack.

Considering that and others it only seems like a matter of time that availability of such games on Switch could become a thing of the past.

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