H1Z1 PS4 Beta Starts Tomorrow, Pre Download Today

After having a closed beta last week H1Z1 is now available to the public and you can start playing tomorrow. If you are located in the UK, Daybreak’s free-to-play Battle Royale survival game known for its performance on PC and Xbox is now available in the PlayStation Store for pre-download.

Starting today you can pre-download the beta in different regions so keep checking the PlayStation Store. Afterward, the servers will unlock at 9 am PDT (which is 5 pm BST) on Tuesday, May 22.

H1Z1 on PlayStation 4 will be like the one on PC, Free to play and with microtransactions. It is a standalone battle royale game with all new user interface, new weapon progression system, new gears and equipment for you to use on PS4.

Terrace Yee commented on the H1Z1 for the console by saying:

“H1Z1 on PS4 is true battle royale mayhem. We have reimagined the game for PlayStation 4 and have designed it to accentuate the essentials of battle royale that make the genre so exciting to watch and play. We have added key gameplay differentiators to keep the game frantic and fun — an action shooter’s dream of fast-paced battle royale.”

As for the public beta, there will be no key required and it will be totally free to play on PlayStation 4 along with optional purchases.

Do keep in mind if you were playing during the closed beta that there is a wipe between closed and open beta meaning all of your character progress and levels will be reset when you’ll start the public beta.

Combat Training, Solos, Duos, and Fives are the modes which will be available starting on May Tuesday, May 22. There is also no set times for public beta like there were on closed beta except for maintenance updates.

There is no support for mouse and keyboard while you play the game but you can type if you want to chat within the game and lastly, you don’t need a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to play the game online.

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