This GTX 1080 Ti Custom Gaming PC Runs Inside a Toaster

The GTX 1080 Ti is the most powerful graphics card in the previous Pascal generation. While the new RTX graphics cards are pretty impressive the GTX 1080 Ti is still able to keep up with the Nvidia RTX 2070 when it comes to raw performance. Here we have a PC that is built inside a toaster and it has some very impressive specifications.

The PC enthusiast stripped the toaster and found that the base would not work. Hence he used a wooden slab to mount components to. This made things relatively easy. You can see how the PSU and radiator were mounted for this very small build.

During this process, the modder found that the PSU was too big and ordered an SFX PSU instead. This means that the mounting had to be redone. You can check out the images of the PSU mounting as well as the graphics card installation below:

The GTX 1080 Ti and the AMD Ryzen 7 combo is very powerful indeed and the PC is able to run games at 4K and it will also be able to run VR titles. We are not sure what the thermals are going to be like but the level on the toaster works fine and can be used to turn the system on. You can check out the finished product below:

Let us know what you think about this GTX 1080 Ti power gaming PC that is built inside a toaster and whether or not you would make something unique for yourself provided that you have the time and resources.

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