GTA5 PC Version Will Not Use Denuvo DRM, Says Cofounder

Cofounder of Denuvo has told us that theri DRM service is not being used by Rockstar with GTA5 PC version.

If you remember, almost everyone over the internet had reported on alleged news that Rockstar Games was going to collaborate with Denuvo to provide DRM services on the upcoming GTA5 PC version.

However, we have received an email from Robert Hernandez, the cofounder of Denuvo refuting all of it. He says that there is no truth in the rumors saying that ‘Denuvo will not be involved in any way with GTA5 PC.’

This means that the only DRM system in place on the game is going to be the checks placed on the installations by Steam, nothing else.

As far as the rumors are concerned, while the source was just a GTA Forums user, the reason why it got viral was an update on the Denuvo website. Only a few days ago the official website of Denuvo added Rockstar to the ‘who we work with’ page.

This is where they already have the makers of FIFA 15 and Lords of the Fallen.

Denuvo says that the reason why they have Rockstar among their partners is because their technology was used in Grand Theft Auto IV.

So yes, rest easy PC gamers! Your time with GTA5 PC version is not going to be marred with additional DMR checks. Similarly, the hackers would rejoice that the game is back to usual business for them.

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