How to Learn All Fighting Styles in GTA San Andreas

One of the major additions in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was the inclusion of gyms that not only allowed players to gain muscle and bulk up but also teach them new fighting moves. In this guide, we will show you how to learn these new fighting styles in GTA San Andreas so you have an edge in combat.

GTA San Andreas Fighting Styles

Carl can learn a bunch of different fighting styles in San Andreas which can improve the way he fights and his physical stats. To learn these fighting styles CJ first needs to hit the gym and gain at least 35% muscle.

We will be talking about the different gyms in GTA SA and what kind of workouts CJ can perform there to gain or lose muscle.

GTA San Andreas Gym Locations

San Andreas has 3 main indoor gyms and 2 hidden gyms as well. You gain access to these gyms after receiving a phone call from Sweet after the story mission “Drive-Thru”.

The gyms are open 24/7 for you to visit but there are a few restrictions on how much CJ can work out every day. If he loses 40% fat or gains 20% Muscle / Stamina, then he cannot work out for the next 12 hours.

Each gym in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition lets you master a different fighting style but first, you need to gain 35% muscle. The gym is represented by a red dumbbell on the mini-map. The names and locations of the gyms are as follows:

  • Cobra Martial Arts Gym: This gym is located in Garcia, San Fierro, and has a Kung Fu trainer.
  • Ganton Gym: This gym is located in Ganton, Los Santos, and has a Boxing trainer.
  • Below the Belt Gym: This gym is located in Red Sands East, Las Venturas, and has a Muay Thai trainer.
  • The Beach Gym: This gym is located at the beach in Los Santos and is a spitting image of the real-life Muscle Beach.
  • The Private Gym: Located inside Madd Dogg’s Crib in Mulholland, this gym can be unlocked after the “A home in the Hills” mission.

Gym Equipment

Once CJ steps inside any gym in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Definitive Edition, there are 4 machines he can choose to work out on and we will be telling you about all of them in detail.

The Treadmill

The treadmill can be used if CJ wants to increase his Stamina and shed Fat.  The player needs to keep running and maintain the power gauge level until the exercise is over. The higher your stamina, the easier this workout becomes.

You can adjust the treadmill at 10 different speed levels, with the higher levels offering more gains.

The Stationary Bicycle

Just like the treadmill, you can have CJ train on the Stationary Bicycle to Shed extra fat and gain Stamina. You can adjust the intensity of this workout at 10 different speed levels.

Bench Press

CJ can train on the bench press if he wishes to gain muscle and shed fat. Your objective here is to fill the power gauge to complete reps.


Dumbbells also increase CJ’s muscle and shed away any extra fat on his body. You can adjust the weight of these dumbbells between 10 to 50kg.

Once CJ gains 35% muscle, he can then move onwards to learning new fighting styles.

How to Learn New Fighting Styles

After gaining 35% muscle, CJ can go to any of the trainers in the gyms in GTA SA and interact with them to start learning that specific style.

It is presented to you in a very easy way where screen prompts help you understand how the moves work and after that, you need to defeat the trainer to successfully learn the style.

Do note that CJ will lose all of his weapons if he forfeits the match so be careful when fighting the trainers. Each trainer in GTA SA Definitive Edition will help you learn a new Running, Combo & Ground Attack.

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