GTA 6 Map Size Rumor Suggests You’ll Be Exploring the World!

A new rumor suggests that the GTA 6 Map Size is going to be so huge it will include a complete world map in it with massive exploration options.

Waking up to a new GTA 6 rumor is nothing new when your bread and butter is writing about video games, however, you folks would surely want to know what is being suggested. So according to a highly imaginative rumor mill, the GTA 6 map size is going to break beyond the boundaries of the franchise itself.

The rumor claims that Rockstar Games is going to bring us a proper World Map inside the game using which, the players are going to be able to literally travel across the globe!

Now are are not sure how authentic this claim can be, and we are also kind of trying to figure out how much of an exploration and game activities this idea is actually proposing – which is huge by the way.

So basically, the developers will bring a fully functional world into one Grand Theft Auto game with the supposed GTA 6 World Map Feature. From technical aspects, this sounds a bit over the top, or even too ambitious if I may.

However, the fact that GTA 6 was not even hinted at during this year’s E3 suggests something big is brewing. Not only that, it also suggests (to the dismay of many, including me) that the game might not actually come out in 2018.

Instead, the fear is that Rockstar Games will hold back on the release until 2020.

Will they be giving it such a long and quiet period of development because they want to incorporate one of their most ambitious ideas in the form of the new GTA 6 map size? Only time will tell.

However, we must inform you that these are all based on unconfirmed rumors (aided by wishful thinking, of course), which is why nothing is completely solid. We suggest that you take all this with the proverbial grain of salt, until the GTA 6 map size rumor either gets legitimized or refuted.

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