GTA V Prostitutes And Sex Guide

Our GTA V Prostitutes Guide will help you learn all about picking up prostitutes, befriend strippers and fulfill your Booty Calls and Strip Clubs fetishes.

Our GTA V Prostitutes Guide will help you fulfill all your guilty pleasures that you probably sought to do so after firing up your copy of Grand Theft Auto V. Don’t worry though, we’re not here to judge. After all, you are bound to spend some quality time with a lovely bird at least once to do 100% completion of the action-adventure game.  

While it is one of the most frowned upon an aspect of the game, it is quite popular among gamers. This Guide will help you with picking up prostitutes and have sex with them in GTA V. 

GTA V Prostitutes Locations

GTA 5 Ladies of the Night

Picking up prostitutes and engaging in sexual activities, in general, is literally a walk in the park. Most of the hookers happen to roam around the streets in Downtown, Vespucci, and Vinewood.

For your convenience, we have designed a map that will help you find areas where you should be able to pick up prostitutes – open the map in New Tab for full size. 

How To Pick Up Prostitutes

The first thing you probably want to know about is how to invite prostitutes into your vehicle of love. Well, the game has some things that are different from previous iterations.

First of all, prostitutes will pay you no attention while the sun is up, so you’d better wait until nighttime. Secondly, you won’t find them anywhere, so we’ve also included a map of the most popular hotspots.

You must have two major things to persuade prostitutes and get special services from them in GTA V. 

  • A suitable car. (a sports car can do wonders indeed) 
  • Lots of cash, as these lovely ladies don’t do anything for less.  

You might want to toot your horn if they don’t come to you. Furthermore, make sure the police do not want you; it’s hard to get in the mood for some lovin’ if you’re forced to dodge bullets occasionally.

Moreover, don’t stalk ladies of the night for too long, as they may get annoyed and call the police instead of having some private hours with you.  

It is interesting though to know that there are classes in prostitute choices as well, namely Regular and Luxury. Regular prostitutes can be found everywhere and don’t mind your dressing or your car’s model. Luxury ones, on the other hand, appear rarely and won’t come to you unless you have a nice car and are dressed in an extravagant outfit. 

And luckily, they charge the same as usual prostitutes, but the way they present themselves and the way they dress outclasses the usual ones.

If you’ve managed to get one of them in the passenger seat, find a secluded area. Most alleyways will do the trick, or a large, empty parking lot. Just make sure there aren’t any cars or pedestrians about, and she’ll be happy.

She will also let you know whether the area you’ve stopped at is unsuitable.

Each one has a different price, ranging from $50 to $100. But it suffices to say you’ll probably find them all to be to your satisfaction. 

Once the first round is done, you can choose to end the session or try something else

How to have sex with prostitutes in GTA V 

The method of having sex with a prostitute is pretty straightforward. Simply: 

  • Go to a night club or strip club after 22:00 and stop your car near a hooker. Toot a horn to let her know your intentions, and she’ll shortly come to you. 
  • Make sure to have a nice car and some cash in your pockets before making a move. 
  • Once she’s in your car, drive her to a suitable place (like some bushy area, a private garage, or a secluded alleyway.) 
  • And that’s it. You may now do what has to be done!  

Note that GTA V has fixed angles and you can’t see the position of your liking while receiving special services from a hooker. You can, however, toggle between the fixed camera angles to have a better view. 

GTA V Sex Appeal cheat code 

The following codes will max out your Sex Appeal stat, raising your chances of getting frequent sex in the game. 

DeviceCheat Code
Xbox Series S|X / Xbox OneB, Y, Y, UP, B, RT, LB, UP, Y, LT, LT, LT 
Nintendo Switch A, X, X, UP, A, R, ZL, UP, X, L, L, L 
GTA V Sex Appeal cheats

Why can’t I pick up prostitutes

There may be a couple of reasons why GTA 5 prostitutes won’t get in your car. Consider the following points when looking to quench your thirst in the game: 

  • If a prostitute doesn’t sit in your car, try getting a nicer car (sports car is the best choice if you have the money). They do prefer guys with nice cars, especially the luxury ones. 
  • Certain vehicles may also be considered “unsuitable” or “too small” to pick up a hooker with. For instance, you can’t pick up ladies of the night with your Hotknife since the roof is too low for those bouncy moves

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