GTA V Peyote Plants Locations Guide – Where To Find All Peyote Plants

GTA V Peyote Plants are scattered across the world and are basically required for a ridiculous reason which is playing as an animal in Grand Theft Auto V.

Peyote plants are newly added collectibles to the remastered Grand Theft Auto V for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. GTA V Peyote plants act as a hallucinogenic drug which transforms the players into a random animal from the game world.

Grand Theft Auto is filled with collectibles to find in the open-world and GTA V Peyote Plants are one of them. However, these plants are not easy to find and that is where our guide comes in to help you step-by-step on locating the GTA V Peyote Plants across the vast open-world of the game.

GTA V Peyote Plants Locations

GTA V Peyote Plants are basically required for a ridiculous reason which is playing as an animal in Grand Theft Auto V. Players have to tranch down the Peyote Plants locations and eat them. Watung each of them triggers hallucinations that see players turning into an animal and each Plant Turns the players in toa different animal./

So far 13 animals have been confirmed into which the players can transform by eating one of the 27 peyote plants in the game. The hallucination ends when the animal dies or the player chooses to cancel the effect themselves.

While in the body of the animal, the players have complete control of it and can use it to swim in the ocean, fly or simply move around as one. However, animals are treated just like the players in the game world.

A gangster can start shooting at the animal and players can attain a wanted level if they enter a restricted area. Some of the animals also have their unique abilities (like the seagull can defecate on NPCs).

The plants are really small and look like cactus so they can be difficult to find especially given how huge the world in the game is but this guide should help the players locate them without much trouble.

The confirmed playable animals so far are:

  • Hawk
  • Seagull
  • Chicken
  • Cormorant
  • Mountain Lion
  • Pig
  • Poodle
  • House cat
  • Great White Shark
  • Dolphin
  • Stingray
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Orca Whale

GTA 5 Peyote Animal Plants

Peyote Plant #1
Location: Mount Chilliad – Gondola Station

Mount Chilad Peyote

This plant is located at the top of the mountain and players can use the cable car to reach the top of the station.

Peyote Plant #1

Once at the top, players need to head southeast to the intersection of the three paths, near the Bell’s End sign. From there they can see a bunch of rocks surrounding two wooden posts with red cloth on them acting as flags.

The flags overlook the giant lake down below so they should be easy to spot. The peyote plant is between these two flags and a prompt to eat it should pop up when players walk to the flags.

Peyote Plant #2
Location: Raton Canyon

Raton Canyon Peyote

This plant is on top of the canyon so it can be difficult to reach with a land vehicle.

Peyote Plant #2

A dirt bike can be useful but even then its time consuming so it’s better to take a helicopter and fly it to the top. The plant is among the grass on the south end of a plateau just before the last bridge after which the canyon opens up into the Alamo Sea.

If players come in to the canyon from the Alamo Sea, they need to head west and they can find the Peyote plant on top of the first rock formation along the hiking trail.

Peyote Plant #3
Location: La Puerta Baseball Field

La Puerta Baseball Field Peyote

The plant is in the Chamberlain Park near the La Puerta border in Lost Santos.

Peyote Plant 3

Players need to head north from the Maze Bank Arena to reach the baseball diamond in the backyard of a rec center where the plant is on the ground next to the fence behind the home plate.

Peyote Plant #4
Location: Mount Gordo (Video Location)

Mount Gordo Peyote

Players need to go along the highway southeast of Paleto Bay to a small lake on the hills of Mount Gordo. The plant is next to a tree on the south end of the lake.

Peyote Plant #5
Location: Paleto Bay

Peyote Plant Location #5

This plant is next to a bench on a small hill near the Paleto Bay beach. It’s almost in the center of the area just off the highway.

Peyote Plant #6
Location: Del Perro Pier

Del Perro Pier Peyote

This plant is located underwater so players need to be able to hold their breath for a long time or obtain some scuba gear.

They need to jump into the water from the eastern end of the pier and start counting pillars from the right side, after facing the pier itself. The cactus plant is next to the base of the fourth pillar between some rocks.

Peyote Plant #7
Location: Tongva Hills
In the Tongva Hills, you will find the Two Hoots Fall. It is pointed out by a sign on the road. Once there, you will find the Payote on a boulder on the river bank. There also will be a small waterfall nearby to be sure you are in the right place.

Peyote Plant #8
Location: Pacific Ocean
This peyote is located under-water in the Pacific Ocean near Fort Zancudo. Once there, look for a sunken ship, next to which you will find the peyote in the corals.

Peyote Plant #9
Location: Fort Zancudo
Before you dive into the ocean to find the Oceanic peyote, you can first fare with the one located inside Fort Zancudo itself. There you will find it on the ground near some small bushes next to the dirt road.

Peyote Plant #10
Location: Ranton Canyon (2)
This is the second on of the two peyotes located in Ranton Canyon but is situated on the other side of the river. You will have to again hike up to the top of the mountain on this side of the river to find a wooden deck. Close to it you will have to find the peyote which is a bit harder to sight as it is camouflaged amongst the rocks.

Peyote Plant #11
Location: Alamo Sea
In the north-west of the Alamo Sea where the water meets the shores of Ranton Canyon, you will see two large rock projecting upwards forming an elevated area on the shore. There under the water, you will find the peyote.

Peyote Plant #12
Location: Pacific Ocean (2)
This one is located near the bridge like rock formations. You will have to cross the bridges to get to the peyote which is in the sand next to the purple corals.

Peyote Plant #13
Location: Mount Chiliad (2)
This is the second one of the three peyotes located in the Chiliad Mountain. This one is in the area of the mountain just to the north of the Hobo campsite. It is situated on a fairly high altitude for which you will need a helicopter or a powerful 4×4 truck. Once there, you will find this on a foothill in the open.

Peyote Plant #14
Location: Mount Gordo
On Mount Gordo in the north-western corner of the lake, you will find the peyote sitting beside a tree. To be sure, this place is west of Michael’s Yoga spot.

Peyote Plant #15
Location: Pacific Ocean (3)
This location is deep under the Pacific Ocean. To access this location, you will need an oxygen tank to elongate your stay under the water without getting wasted. We suggest that you use a boat that has an oxygen tank on board such as a Nagasaki Dinghy.

Under the ocean, you will find the peyote in a shipwreck. There will be a pile of metal bars and a lot of junk in that place. Look around to find the peyote of some oceanic adventure.

Peyote Plant #16
Location: Ron’s Wind Farm
To the north of Ron Alternates Wind Farm, you will find a trailer park. In the center of the park, you will find a trailer with flowers drawn on it. Behind that home is the water tank with peyote next to it.

Peyote Plant #17
Location: Grand Senora Desert
This peyote is located a construction area in the Senora Desert. This location is to the west of the radio tower where you will find the peyote near a few protruding bushes.

Peyote Plant #18
Location: Grand Senora Desert
This one is situated near the oil rigs off the sandy pathway. You will find the peyote hidden in an array of bushes surrounded by some tall cacti.

Peyote Plant #19
Location: Vinewood Hills
On the upper part of the area, there is a white house with its parking outside the bounds. Behind it is a concrete wall with a drain on it and the peyote is to the left of it.

Peyote Plant #20
Location: Vinewood Hills (2)
East of the Observatory in the hills is an area bordered with fences. There you will find the peyote near some bushes.

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