GTA 5 Online Heists – How to Unlock and Buy Valkyrie

How to unlock and buy Valkyrie, a stunning helicopter part of GTA 5 Online Heists DLC.

Aside from new characters and missions, players are all hyped up for new vehicles such as VTOL Warship Hydra and chopper-gunner, Valkyrie in GTA 5 Online Heists.

In case you do not know how to acquire Valkyrie in GTA 5 Online, this guide is here with an overview of how to unlock and use Valkyrie in GTA Online:

In order to unlock Valkyrie, you must complete The Fleeca Job and The Prison Break Heists.

Once you complete these missions, you will unlock The Humane Labs Raid. In order to unlock Valkyrie, you must start The Humane Labs Raid and start the fourth job as a part of this mission.

Note: In case you have not completed the above mentioned missions, you can ask one of your ‘Friends’ to invite you.

Once you complete the fourth job for The Humane Labs Raid and steal Valkyrie, you will be able to purchase the helicopter in GTA Online.

After unlocking Valkyrie, bring out your in-game mobile phone and visit the Warstock Cash & Carry website on your in-game browser. Keep on scrolling down until you see the chopper-gunner.

Similar to Hydra, you will require a hefty amount of in-game money to be able to buy Valkyrie as it costs cool $2.85 million. Make sure to get your hands on all the Elite Bonuses or purchase a Shark Card to get the chopper.

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