GTA 5 Liberty City DLC Rumored to Release Soon

Rumors suggest that GTA 5 Liberty City DLC is actually going to be a thing that will bring you all or part of the city from GTA 4.

We agree that it has been a long time since people have speculated about a single player DLC to further the story, but there are fresh rumors and the guy talking about them says that there will be a GTA 5 Liberty City DLC!

An alleged insider who goes by the Twitter handle TezFunz2 says he is fairly certain we will got the add-on – the guy doesn’t have a perfect record but he does get a number of things right when it comes to rumors.

The rumors also talk about LowRiders 2 DLC and suggest, based on encoded information in the game’s source code, that it could get released in the first two months of next year.

The insider’s tweet reads “Can’t wait for Festive surprise 2015, Lowriders Part 2, Liberty City…” This was followed by a clarification that he is indeed talking about the entire location to be brought to the game and not just the texture found in the files.

People are thinking that a GTA 5 Liberty City DLC would be really tough for the developers to manage, but since the game is based on the same engine as GTA 4, and since it is rumored that they could take one part of the city and update or recreate it for GTA 5, we think the rumor sounds believable.

We also know that the developers have been recreating old content in GTA 5 like the Heist Yacht which is from Max Payne and the DLC vehicles most of whom have been brought in from GTA 4.


Releasing a GTA 5 Liberty City DLC is really going to reinvigorate people’s interest in the game since it was probably the best setting of the GTA series ever and one that millions of fans still love.

Keep checking back for more on this as well as other rumors and confirmed news regarding GTA 5 and GTA Online.

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