Greedfall Companions Locations Guide

When playing Greedfall, you’ll come across many different factions and from them, you can recruit certain NPCs as companions to help you in your journey. Every Greedfall companion comes with unique skills, combat specializations, and attributes. This Greedfall Companions Locations Guide lists all the companions for you to find.

Greedfall Companions Locations

In Greedfall, you will encounter a total of six different companions. Each of these companions has different abilities and belongs to various factions.

You will meet these companions in role-playing story quests where you can form a partnership with them. You can even have affairs with some of your companions.

Therefore, maintaining positive relations with your companions is extremely important. Friendship levels for each companion can be increased by standing with their faction, speaking with them, and completing their Romance quests. This will help you in recruiting companions.

Companion Reputation

Companion Reputation can be affected in one of two ways. To earn a positive reputation, you will need to aid said companions positively no matter what.

This means that you need to make favorable decisions towards them and complete their respective quests received from their factions. Side-quests are a great way to earn a positive reputation.

As far as negative reputation is concerned, the possibility of reputation loss is tedious, and you might not notice, but any act of yours can possibly hurt your bond with another character.

You’ll see many quests have mutually exclusive choices. In situations like that, it’s important to pick only how it suits you and increase your bond with the character that YOU want.

Each member of your team has a different reputation with you. When you initially start off, there’s not much to go on, but as the game progresses, this bond can be affected one of two ways as mentioned above.

These companions play a crucial role in your experience when playing Greedfall. You bond with them, help them out with their needs, and fight side-by-side with them. Below is a list of all the companions you will meet in Greedfall and their locations:


Kurt is the first companion that you will meet in Greedfall during the opening few minutes after Character Creation. Kurt is a member of the Coin Guard faction who is proficient in melee combat and heavy armor.

You come across him at the start of the game and improve your craftsmanship through his help. He’s a great choice for frontline combat.

He will be your bodyguard, but you also share a special bond. Kurt can use any weapon, and he gets a special attack for each different weapon you equip him with.

He also has access to endurance potions, which he can drink to ensure he can swing his sword to help you in battle. When you become friends with Kurt, you will gain access to his Craftsmanship talent, which can be extremely helpful to use on workbenches.


Vasco is a member of the Nauts faction and the captain of your ship. You will encounter him right after arriving at New Serene, during the beginning of the A Cure for Melichor quest.

He doesn’t have the best protection but this duelist makes up for it with his amazing agility and proficiency with pistols. You can increase your Intuition skill through him. He specializes in combat with one-handed blades and guns.

Vasco’s special attack is a Secret Blade Technique, and it is a whirl of slashes with his one-handed sword. One essential tip would be to increase the friendship between DeSardet and Vasco, and this will help you gain access to his intuition Talent.


This Theleme missionary is great for close and distant combat due to this ability to wear different armor sets. Petrus is the only companion that you are not able to romance in the game.

You will find him on your journey during the Old Countries in a New World Quest. He yearns to become a Cardinal someday.

Petrus has known you since your childhood, although you have no memory of him. Petrus is a devotee of Theleme, an extremist religious movement trying to convert the Native tribes.

Petrus possesses the ability to use divine magic rings to fight from a far-off distance. In addition, Petrus’s ability to wear high armor enables him to attack his foes from close vicinity. His special attack, the Shadow Burst, shoots a large magic bolt from his hands with a chance to stagger his target.

His friendship talent Charisma, will give your party access to various dialogue options, which will convince people to do things according to your liking.


You encounter your cousin Constantin after you arrive in New Serene. After the completion of the mission, he’ll head away for a while. When you meet up with Constantin later in the story, he can join you as a companion.


Aphria is the last companion that you will meet in GreedFall. You will discover her as you search for a missing Bridge alliance expedition during Scholars in the Expedition.

Aphra is a member of the Bridge Alliance who is great for long-range combat due to her expertise in firearms and explosives. You’ll meet her when you meet the faction.

Aphra can deal with a tremendous amount of damage from a distance. However, her arsenal consisting only of rifles leaves her vulnerable to melee attackers.

It is essential to protect her from rushing attackers to maximize her impact in the battle. She possesses the ability to launch elemental bombs that work like grenades and cause a great deal of damage.

Aphra’s friendship talent will give you access to science, allowing you to craft your potions in the workbench.


Siora represents the Native faction and provides great support due to her proficiency with magic that allows her to heal you. She restores HP and armor while also being able to handle herself in a fight with-one handed blades.

You will meet Siora once you first arrive in the Governor’s Palace of New Serence during the A Cure for Malichor Quest. Siora is native to the Island of Teer Fradee, and is passionate about her people and their sovereignty.

Once you get to New Serene, your cousin will tell you to speak with the natives. She’ll become a member of your Greedfall party from there.

Siora can use light blades like daggers and long-ranged magic as her special attack allows her to restore some health and armor of herself and her teammates. This ability is helpful as it helps her when she is being attacked by a large group or while fighting a boss.

In addition, her friendship talent allows you to gain more HP and MP. This will also enable you to cross complex passageways that require balance.

Best Companion in Greedfall

Siora is the best companion to have with you on your adventures as she possesses the ability to heal you and your teammates. She can protect you from countless encounters along with her clan.

You can avoid many conflicts with the Native people of Teer Fradee just by having her by your side.

Essential Companion Tips

Remember that you can only travel with only two companions at once. You can choose who you want to take care of, but the game will force you to select a companion at times.

During the active pause, you can select the status of your hero and companions. The icons on the left side of the screen will help you out. In addition, you can check out the status of your companions during battles. This will help you in controlling your team.

Do remember that there are certain limits to how much you can influence your comrades, you can only choose their equipment but not their skills. You don’t have to change them rather, make them the best version of themselves.

Another essential tip is magic healing, this is one way to treat heroes which will help you regenerate your health as well as the health of your companions. This is the most effective and quickest way to restore companion health points.

You can also check your relationship status with your companions, all you need to do is enter the character tab. Then, on the left side of the screen, you will see the relationship between you and the other characters.