Greedfall Choices and Quest Outcomes Guide

Read up our guide on how your choices in Greedfall lead to different quest outcomes and consequences in the game, leading to different endings.

Greedfall has incredibly deep-rooted RPG mechanics and these include different choices you make that lead to different consequence. As the choices you go through in the game have some deep consequences on quest outcomes and impact how your story progresses.

Our guide will focus on all important gameplay decisions in the game.

Greedfall Choices and Consequences

Below is a list of all the quest choices you make in different regions of the game and how they impact the outcome:

New Selene

Arrest or Free Charlatan

(Arresting Charlatan) Go back to the quest giver and tell him about the arrest. This would earn you three Bridge Reputation points and a hundred and fifty gold.

(Freeing Charlatan) In case you choose to let the Charlatan go free, you would get eighty gold, additional fifty for quest completion increase Bridge reputation by one.

Arrest or Free Heretics/Historians

(Arresting the heretics) The heretics would attack you, and you have to kill them. On return to Theleme, reputation increases by three and you get fifty gold coins as a reward.

(Speaking with the Bridge Alliance Ambassador) Returning to the Bridge Alliance officer and speak with him. He agrees to offer them refuge and you get eighty coins.

Upon return to Theleme, you can either tell the truth or lie, if you tell the truth you lose reputation by one, with Theleme. However, if you lie you gain a reputation point.

(Let them go on their merry way) In case you allow them to be free, they flee the area. Telling truth to Theleme decreases and telling a lie increases reputation by one respectively.

Coin Guard Merchandise Choice

(Persuade) Cheater or not he does not want to go to prison and if you have high enough charisma this would be easy without costing you anything.

(Bribe) In case you have one intuition this guy can also be bribed. He will agree to the conditions you put forth with you not having to pay him anything.

This would increase reputation with coin guard by one. There would be no increase in points with Kurt though because he is unhappy with your choice.

(Insist) You would be getting those goods by hook or by crook. Go behind the merchant stall and clear out the thugs who would attack you. There are about five in total so be on your toes.

The merchant would then surrender after getting beaten and would agree to your conditions instead of dying in Greedfall.

An Aspiring Merchant Persuade/Insist

(Persuade) In case you have high enough persuasion or insist, you can do this successfully and go off to explore the mansion. This also saves you time.


Intimidate, Charm or Pay the Debt Collectors

During the quest for Vasco, Family Reunion, when you come across the Debt Collectors.

(Pay) They release D’Arcy and go away.

(Ask if you can pay later) They keep the hostage but give you time, return back later to have same conversation.

(Intimidate) Use charisma, in case you fail, it would be no different from attacking them. However, if you succeed, they would release D’Arcy for free.

(No holds barred)
You attack them and see the story unfold depending on your fighting skills.

Threaten, Reason, Warriors (A Peculiar Alliance)

(Threaten) They will attack you and you would have to kill them.

(Reason) Charm with charisma, in case you succeed, they go away and the merchant lives.

(Inform them of troops coming) They flee and the merchant gets to live.

Attack the Rebels or Leave

(Attack) They are all wiped out. It increases reputation with Bridge Alliance by three after returning to the captain. However, they warned you of an approaching war.

(Leave) In case you leave them alone, reputation with Bridge Alliance increases by two on return. This could have possible consequences later on.

Greedfall Choices – San Matheus

Renounce Your Faith or Confirm Your Faith

(Charisma) Increases your relationship with Theleme by one.

(Renounce your faith in his gods) Results in a fight with the Inquisitor and after getting beaten he leaves. On the way, he says he would remember this encounter. Decreases reputation with Theleme by one.

(Confirm faith) Have to choose the holiest of man from their book. The right choice is Matheus, choose anything else and you would end up fighting.

After that, the choice is the magic of light, again any other option results in a fight. Correct choices increase respect with Theleme by one.

Promise, Convince or Intuition (Ghost Camp, Reiner)

Saving Wilhelm and others would lead to a good ending in this situation without skill requirements.

(Convince them by mentioning Reiner) Requires high charisma. In case of failure, you would be attacked instantly. You lose reputation with Coin Guard by two. Wilhelm dies, in case not already saved, and reputation with Kurt decreases by one.

(Mention Saving Wilhelm) Should have saved Wilhelm earlier on for this option to be possible later. This option leads to the arrest of the captain without and recruits being killed.

(Attack) Attacking the recruits results in loss of reputation with the Coin Guard by two.

(Promise them clemency if they surrender) Ends up having a similar progression of events to the attack option.

Convincing Cardinal Cornelia (Saint Matheus Discovery)

When trying to get Cornelia to reveal the secrets about Saint Matheus.

(Ask her to visit the cave herself) Understands your point and agrees to visit the cave. She then decides to bury the information and your reputation increases by two.

(Get angry on her suspicion) Gets angry at the response and decides to hide the discovery. Your reputation increases by two.

(Show her the bright side) The only method to reveal the information. Use Charisma on her, talk about attacks by Ordo Luminus, and mention the revelations of Saint Lucius, in that order. She agrees to expose the information publicly and your reputation increases by three.

Red Woods Choices

The Battle of Red Spears Choices

(Right Path) This path is longer but there are no fights in the beginning. Siora’s mother dies no matter how fast you try to act. Your reputation with Siora decreases by one and you have to converse with the sister.

Use Charisma or Intuition if possible, case it is not possible, you can either insist on recent defeat or speak of congregation neutrality.

The defeat option is somewhat bad as you end up having to fight Siora’s sister and lose reputation with the natives by one. Although you do not kill Siora’s sister but she is angry.

The second option would lead her to say that you could not stop this, and you would end up having to choose another option.

(Left Path) In case you choose this, you would have to face off against some beasts before reaching the battlefield. After you reach there the battle would still be going on, and your objective is to help Siora’s sister.

Her mother would die regardless of the path chosen and you would not lose reputation would Siora for choosing this way. Choices are similar to before and you have to choose the one that suits you best.

Intuition and Charisma decreases when choosing to help her in battle, and this path seems to be the better option. Going to find Siora’s mother would lead you to a second choice.

(Convincing her to stop)

You have to tell her that she is acting like an animal which would case her to stop. The guard would inform you that they have taken the queen. There would be no effect on the repute numbers and the guard lives.

(Encourage her)

She kills the injures man and the guard says they took the queen. No repute changes.


Spare Them or Finish Them

After escorting all the survivors from the scientific expedition.

(Sparing them) They would survive and you have an increase by one in the reputation with Natives.

(Killing them) Killing the survivors would cause you to lose a reputation with the natives.

Tir Dob Choices

Order Him, Reveal, Accept Bribe (Expedition Murders)

This Choice would have consequences later down the line and your ally for a later quest depends on the decision you make here.

(Command him to abandon his voyage) Tell him to leave and Eugeina says she would get him behind the bars later. You are rewarded fifty gold and an increase by one in reputation.

(Accept the token and side with him) You take the gold as well as convince Eugeina to leave. Reputation with Theleme increases by three.

(Reveal what happened to everyone) Reputation decreases by one with Petrus and increases by two with Theleme. Informing sister Eugeina results in breaking out of a fight with Brother Virgil escaping.

Kill those that go against you. Reputation further decreases by one with Theleme and you get fifty gold.

Reveal the Truth or Hide It (Saint Matheus Discovery)

This choice is the most monumental one as you have to either inform the people about the truth about their religion or keep it to yourself.

(Reveal truth and give relics) Reputation increases with Theleme by one. When you leave you are attacked by Brother Virgil and others from the inquisition.

After their defeat go to the city to speak with Cardinal Cornelia. Reputation with Theleme increases by three. As this is a complex series of choices, scroll up back to convincing Cardinal Cornelia for more details.

(Hide truth and the relics) You give relics to Brother Virgil in Eden. He asks you to go back to destroy the cave. Upon returning to the cave Sister Eugeina comes across you and must be defeated. Next, you lie to the Cardinal and it is complete.


Betray Peddir Or Lie and Suggest Him as Apprentice

(Lie) Increases reputation with Natives. However, the blind man is still roaming around outside.

(Betray) Increases reputation with Natives by one, as well as making the woman happy with you in the game.

Tierna Harh Ritual Choice

After finding the door to Tierna Harh, and being taken back to a Native.

(Explain) Tell about the escape of Teierna Harh. He would then say he cannot help if she left and you have to then use Charisma.

(Charisma) In case of failure, you have to leave and go to find the lost seal. Otherwise, go into the house and acquire the item you need to open the door.

(Make up a story) You fool no one and loose reputation by one with Siora.

Kill the Bridge Alliance Spy or Spare the Bridge Alliance Spy

(Spare him) He thanks you and tell that you would not ever meet him again, and leaves.

(Kill him) After informing Mev about the spy’s death, you earn favor with her. Reputation with Natives increases by one.

Speaking with Mev

(Leave) Story progresses.

(Wait) You wait before going in order to loot the boss.

Choices that Affect the Ending in Greedfall

Companion Side Missions

If you complete companion side missions then they will end up helping you later down the line. So, make sure you complete companion quests to gain the aid of your allies and so that Kurt doesn’t end up betraying you.

Joining factions

Besides Companion, Factions also have associated side quests and missions for you to complete. To sway them to form an alliance against Constantin, you must do these missions so that they end up joining you.

Who to choose as High King

In the ending, you have to choose a King of Natives. You can choose the King from Dunncas, Ullan, and Derdre.

Relation with Derdre

To make Derdre accept not being selected as a queen you can help her in the missions like the burial of the mother. So, for choosing another candidate, you have to make her understand by doing the missions with her.

Theleme side missions Choices

You will also be provided with a complete summary of what happens with the doctrines of Saint Matheus and stone tablets by the end. While not immediately impactful, they’re still reflected in the end.

Dr. Asili’s Death

Once you sentence Dr. Asili to death everyone, will come to know about the experimentation done on humans. After that, the alliance will do something for stopping it from happening again in the future.

Joining or Killing Constantin

The final, and most significant, choice you have to make is to join or kill Constantin. Killing Constantin is considered to be the Good Ending for the game and siding with him is the Bad Ending. While your previous choices matter, this binary choice is the most impactful for the ending.

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