Gravity Rush 2, The Surge, Vampyr And More Arrive For September 2019 On PlayStation Now

Games like Gravity Rush 2, The Surge, LittleBigPlanet 3, Vampyr and six other titles become part of PlayStation Now as of September 2019.

PlayStation Now adds new video games to its extensive catalog on demand. Thus, important titles such as Gravity Rush 2, The Surge, LittleBigPlanet 3, Vampyr and six other titles become part of Sony’s digital service as of September 2019.

In total, there are ten new additions to PlayStation Now, and is available for download on PS4 or streaming via PS4 or PC.

De Blob

De Blob is a platform and puzzle game, with large doses of action, in which the player must release an alien city from a dark corporation that wants to end all hint of color. This collaboration with BlitWorks of THQ Nordic offers an edition adapted to PS4 and Xbox One, with better technical qualities and local multiplayer for up to four players in different game modes.

Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator 19 is the new installment of the agricultural simulation saga developed by GIANTS Software. Once again it invites us to manage our own rural exploitation. Players can enjoy new agricultural activities as well as crops such as cotton or oats. In this edition new machinery has been added, and we are presented with the possibility of taking care of our cows, pigs, sheep and chickens. In addition, as a novelty, now we can also build our stables to walk through our land on the back of our horses.

Gravity Rush 2
Gravity Rush 2 is an exclusive PS4 game, developed by SCE Japan Studio and distributed by Sony. The game offer us an adventure of acrobatic, fast and frantic action, inviting us to incarnate Kat and tour a particular city of European atmosphere, in which we will have to perform different missions and overcome challenges using our gravitational powers.

LittleBigPlanet 3

LittleBigPlanet 3 for PS4 is the sequel to the Sony platform game series that allows us to create and share levels, and even full video games. This third part adds three new characters that accompany Sackboy: OddSock, a very agile and fast dog that can jump and run through the walls, Swoop, a bird that can fly freely across the stage and grab the rest of the characters, and Toggle, which can be transformed into a huge and heavy giant, capable of moving certain platforms and activating certain switches.


MudRunner is a simulation and driving video game that will invite us to drive a huge and heavy truck or off-road vehicle in an ambitious and extensive open world set in Siberia. This new edition will add thirteen new vehicles, revised graphics and a more worked climate, with day and night cycle, extreme situations and a physical engine adjusted to be more realistic when representing control over such large and heavy vehicles.

Red Faction Guerilla Re-MARS-tered

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered is the remastering of the iconic video game of the Red Faction saga. It has improved graphics – aspects that have changed from the textures to the use of lighting and shadows or the same type of image post-processing have been changed – but it continues to offer us a proposal with a large, completely destructible scenario that develops its plot fifty years after the events in Red Faction.


Ride 3 is the third installment of the famous Milestone motorcycle saga. On this occasion, in addition to launching a new graphic engine and more realistic control options, it has more than 230 launch bikes, divided into 7 categories, as well as presenting 12 new circuits that will add to some of the previous seen in the franchise. The customization possibilities of RIDE 3 have been increased, something that allows players to customize their bikes both from a mechanical and aesthetic point of view. With more than 500 customizable and adjustable elements, users will have in their hands the possibility to create the perfect motorcycle and share it with their friends through the online platform.

The Surge

The Surge for PS4 proposes to embody a member of the CREO corporation, a conglomerate that is responsible for terraforming planets for human colonization. In this way, the game ends up presenting us with an action and role-playing adventure set in the space where we will face robots and a kind of zombies with exoskeletons.

Titan Quest

Titan Quest is a role-playing game set in Greece and the Egypt of Antiquity, in which our character, a courageous and adventurous human, must uncover the necessary secrets that allow imprisoning the ancient and angry gods, the Titans.


Vampyr is a role-playing adventure video game, with strong stealth components, from the creators of Remember Me, Dontnod Entertainment. In the title we will embody Dr. Jonathan Reid, a character who must accept his vampire status and feed on the blood of the many innocents of a decadent London of the early twentieth century.

All these titles are now available on PlayStation Now from today, a service that today already exceeds 600 video games of PS2, PS3 and PS4 and is available through different types of subscriptions, such as $19.99 euros a month or 99.99 euros per year.

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